Presently, grunge designs are making its mark in the design community. With its unique style and concept, more designers are slowly adopting the grunge trend. From brushes to textures and wallpapers alike, this type of design is making its breakthrough in the world of creativity and artistry. Various websites are currently offering grunge resources and freebies. Admittedly, with its impact in the web world, demands are high and clamor for such a design is high. Most of you may now have an amazing collection of wallpapers in your desktop through the various freebies that were showcased in different sites... Some may have less, and are still looking for wallpapers that will fit their taste and personality. Well then, if you are part of those who are in need of new wallpapers, we are proud to present this 40+ Astounding Collection of Free Grunge Wallpapers . This collection has been hand fully picked and selected throughout the web. Feel free to download your choices... Take your pick and have fun!!!