Great icons are invaluable for designers. Icons that provide not only fantastic design but also versatility are even better.
Inventicon icons are vectorized, offering unlimited scalability. You can also easily change the color, orientation, or shape, without sacrificing quality. Also included are gradient styles, which can be applied to any icon, for even more versatility. All icons are delivered in PSD, AI and CSH formats, for added usage and flexibility.
Inventicons is giving you 1500 royalty-free icons, available through this deal for half off the regular price of $70 - only $35! It's a must-have for interface designers and includes special icons for websites, mobile apps, and more.
You also have the option to get just the 500 latest Inventicons icons for only $10. If you purchased the previous 1000 icon Inventicons deal, this is your perfect opportunity to complete the collection.