You see these little things everywhere, airports, metro stations, on the street corner or, targeted, in a doctor's office, a hotel or a restaurant. A lot of effort goes into producing a quality brochure, starting from a sketch that leads to a design and ending with the text that goes in it and has to be very carefully written to transmit the proper message. We're leaving the text part to copywriters to do their best with it, but the design is left to us and we must make a pretty damn good job to attract the possible clients that get the brochure. For us to have made a good job means that the brochure's design is a great one, not just good, so you have to try making one of the best that there are on the market. I know some of you sometimes end in a point where you feel you have no inspiration but here are 55 brochure designs to draw inspiration from them. To be a professional, you must learn from the professionals.