If you think that the dingbats, or to be more precise the fonts composed by symbols are not so serious and almost useless, you have to start changing your mind. Elegant, nifty, humorous...there are for all tastes and needs. They are easy to use, modify, resize and able to aesthetically enrich every single graphic project. Thus, a selection has to be made in order not to fall into amateurial work, given that not all the dingbats are of a high quality: some are imprecise, others if resized could become jagged and so on. For not to mention the dingbats already used&abused to the extreme. I have tried to gather into this mini collection some of the dingbats I believe you might find useful: some that I have personally used in certain works (like the wonderful Nymphette), and others that I have become aware of through reflex thanks to certain sites that make a skillful use out of them.