So I added some Adsense Ads…

Well I was trying to avoid adding Google Adsense to the site, but I’m not confident in the server setup that is currently powering Design Float. My email has been intermittent over the past couple of days and with the boost in traffic the site has received from the Smashing Magazine article, response and load times have increased more than I’d like. I’ve never really experimented with ads on a site so I’m giving them a shot to see whether or not they could potentially offset the cost of a dedicated or semi-dedicated server. I can’t currently afford the monthly bill for one, so I either need to offset the potential cost with advertising, or find someone to sponsor the site and donate more solid hosting.

If I don’t think the Google Ads will do enough to help, I’ll take them down and in the meantime if anyone knows of any kickass deals on reliable dedicated or semi-dedicated hosting, please let me know. I apologize to anyone who finds the ads particularly annoying, I tried to make them as subtle and tasteful as possible and, like I said, if I don’t think it’ll help they’ll be coming down.

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