The wind of change

Hey Everyone! Nice to meet you guys and gals of DesignFloat community:)

Just a short introduction of myself, I’m Anastasia and I’ll be..hmm…well let’s call it the editor of this blog. I wonder what I have to do to keep you healthy, wealthy and happy? Any ideas might be of a great help so if anyone would like to give me some guidance, you are more than welcome!

I’ve been involved in website development business for about 7 years now and yet I have to tell that I don’t know even 30% of what’s going on in this mad world of design. New talents and companies come on arena every other day with fresh ideas, new achievements, unique approach and their own special feeling of what’s called design. Apart from personal perception of designer and uniqueness of his work, we need to make people love our little online design creatures and thus we need to take into account what majority thinks, feels, finds interesting, funny and takes for unique. In this blog we’ll try to keep track of newly coming design events, review and discuss works of art, speak about different design styles and invent new ones. We’ll be posting interviews with some well known personalities of this design world as well as simply have fun. Cheers and see you soon!

Ooops …I’m almost forgot, I’m gonna be the God at DesignFloat. No sacrifice needed, just NO SPAM please.

Sincerely Yours,


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