Be a Human, Save an Alien!

lilu.jpg I feel soo excited and I feel sooo good! I’ve just saved and adopted an alien! Here’s my cute little angel, so lovely, so sweet!

Saveanalien is a wonderful project anyone can enjoy, it makes you stupidly smile into your monitor and play with your alien, you can’t imagine what a feeling it is! It’s like your own baby and you want to take care about him.


Aliens were living on their own planet, they loved, they cried, they cared about each other…




….till the terrible meteorite destroyed their planet…..



…now about 10 millions of aliens are facing death flying in the space in their protective Halos…


Each human should save one alien! Each alien is graphically unique and stylish and you’ll love it!

After saving you adopt this little creature and it becomes a virtual online pet. That’s an application for the Facebook and you know what, I’m thinking when will I be in front of my computer tomorrow to play with my alien! Yes, no mistake here, you have to play with your alien at least once in 24 hours, you have to feed it, you can change it closes, give it products and even make it travel!


This is the way the home page of the application looks. As you can see I’ve adopted my alien just a few minutes ago.

You can play with your alien yourself or have your friends play with it. All the aliens love different type of a play but it’s better to read the Play guide in order not to slap your alien pet occasionally. There is a “local” currency called liens, you can earn liens by making your pet happy or by helping the project itself. For the liens you can buy your alien a new comfortable location, you can buy its icon and the wallpaper.


You can create the photos with your alien and you can even leave your email address for your virtual pet to send you emails!


This is an amazing thing with I’m sure both you and your kids will fall in love with. I did, and now I have a new friend who is soo dear to my heart! Save your alien!

Have a great weekend and don’t forget to play with your alien!

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