Spice up your Gmail: Themes from Google!

Google Mail has been my favorite mailbox one for the last 6 years. Mostly because it was pretty intriguing at the very beginning that you couldn’t register but should have been invited only and because it was the first provider offering the hugest space in you maibox for free and this space is constantly growing. I liked the fact that you don’t have to delete the old messages but can archive them. I love their spam protection and their advanced search.

New ad value impressive and refreshing features have been added all the time since Gmail launch. And today they made me stare at the screen with the only thought: WTF?! LOL! Today they’ve launched the Gmail Themes as I’ve just found out on their official blog here.

Great stuff guys! Keep up the good work!

Now, changing your theme is very easy (like all the other smart things from Google). Login to your Gmail account, choose setting and choose Themes. Here’s the pic you should see.

Gmail Themes


Most of the Gmail Themes allow you to change the colorscheme of the Gmail interface like the samples below.

Shiny theme

Gmail team have called it Shiny, but I would call it serious. Inspires for answering tons of emails.



Sunset Theme

Makes me feel relaxed… reminds me of sand and some good cocktail… not sure why?



New Blue Theme

I would call it the “working mood”, it’s serious enough but gives the feeling the boss is out of the office today LOL



The order Gmail Themes are even more cool, fun and fantastic!

Beach Theme

I imagine the beach in golden yellow color but still a nice try.



Candy Theme

Green candy could be the winner on the market… just joking



Cherry Blossom Theme

This one is my favorite! I looooove cherries



Desk Theme

Resembles me of a college, what a good days these were



Graffiti Theme

Not for me but I’m sure there will be lots of fans of this one



Mountains Theme

I wish I were there…



Ninja Theme

Ahhhh! This one is adoring!



Pebbles Theme

I’m missing the fish next to them, don’t really know why…



Planets theme

I wouldn’t change this one, somehow the planet takes away the attentionВ  from the inbox



Tea House Theme

Just like it



Summer Ocean Theme

I don’t like the beige color, the blue is nice, the waves are charming



Zoozimps Theme

Makes me smile



Terminal Theme

This might be a joke, how can one work with this one?


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