High in the Sky – Best Airport Control Tower Designs

We were quite surprised when found out that not all airports have control towers. Nevertheless, these great architecture facilities are worth being admired. There are few interesting facts about airport towers – full control tower structures usually have windows that circle the entire top floor, giving all round vision. The windows are usually tiled outwards at 15 degrees, because otherwise the controllers would see the reflection of their equipment. The ceiling may also be painted black. So, as you can see these functional requirements are pretty much the serious limitations in terms of design.

These original towers are real architecture and design masterpieces because it is not so easy to create original design for such huge building. But as they say there are no limits for human imagination and engineers once again prove this rule. We think that our examples show how some original ideas can be transformed into different designs. For example, if you take a look at Vienna tower you’ll notice that it reminds a big battle ship; Madrid’s tower is made in awesome UFO style, Sydney tower looks like a piece of Russian space station and Fort Worth Alliance Airport Control Tower is a huge ice-cream.

The bottom line is that being creative is not that hard and all you have to do is just turn on your imagination – that’s all. Now let’s get back to our towers – let’s enjoy these great architectural and engineering wonders!

Fort Worth Alliance Airport Control Tower

* * *

Stockholm Airport Control Tower

* * *

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Control Tower

* * *

Changi Airport Control Tower

* * *

Bradley International Airport Control Tower

* * *

Orlando International Airport Control Tower

* * *

Air Traffic Control Tower in Malé International Airport (MLE), Maldives

* * *

Edinburgh Air Traffic Control Tower

* * *

Heathrow Air Traffic Control Tower

* * *

Sydney Airport Control Tower

* * *

Houston KIAH Control Tower

* * *

Control Tower at Los Angeles International Airport

* * *

Madrid ‘s Air Traffic Control Tower

* * *

Phoenix Airport Control Tower

* * *

Vienna Airport Control Tower


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8 Responses to High in the Sky – Best Airport Control Tower Designs

  1. JohnONolan says:

    That’s great and everything – but when are you going to fix designfloat?

  2. Damiano says:

    Where is the Malpensa (Milan) control tower?

  3. Hermitbiker says:

    …. cool control towers, I like the Sydney Airport one the best, can’t really say why, just do !! Thanks Jamal for the share !!

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  5. Shripad Kulkarni says:

    Really gr8 control Towers!!! I like them so much.I will be happy to see them from inside

  6. CathyD says:

    Where is the Wittman Regional Airport Control Tower, Oshkosh, WI???? This is the Busiest Air Traffic Control Tower in the World for one week during the Experimental Aircraft Assn annual convention (AirVenture). It should definitely be noted!

  7. Michael says:

    I like the Sydney tower the most as well. but I know why.

  8. risman mani says:

    my name is risman mani..i’m a flight service officer,,,,,i’ll be proud to work there