Top 15 Free Games for Android

Android keeps moving on by increasing the number of its fans with supersonic speed. Actually this is really awesome trend because all Android fans can get more premium applications for free! Games are most popular category among the cell-phone users so it isn’t a huge surprise that now you can find tons of free games. Of course it doesn’t mean that all these games will be of a high quality and creepily entertaining. We’ve collected 15 best (at our opinion) free games for Android-native devices but you are still very much welcome to share your own opinion concerning this topic – please feel free to tell us about your favorite free game.

Arcade and Action Games

1. Angry Birds

It is time for revenge! Greedy pigs have stolen the eggs and now you have to use the unique powers of each bird to destroy the pigs’ fortresses.

* * *

2. Shoot the Ducks

Yes, it is time to become a duck hunter and this little application will help you slake your thirst! Just load, aim and shoot!

* * *

3. City Jump

Be ready to jump on the walls, fight the enemies and avoid various obstacles on your way.

* * *

4. Basketball Shot

Enhance your shooting skills together with awesome game for Android. This is one of the most popular games for this platform and we are sure you’ll love it too.

* * *

5. Raging Thunder 2 Lite

This is a real treasure for all racing gamers because Raging Thunder won’t let you get bored. Great adrenaline pumping game with awesome graphics and tons of excellent features.

* * *

Brain & Puzzle Games

6. Spaghetti Marshmallows Lite

Pin marshmallows with uncooked spaghetti and build your way to the next level.

* * *

7. UltimateSimps Puzzle

Collect your favorite Simpsons character from puzzle on your Android phone. It is a very educating and entertaining game, in a way.

* * *

8. Alchemy

You have only four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Combine it to gain new products.

* * *

9. National Flags Quiz

You have 60 seconds to answer the questions. There are two modes – ‘Name to Flag’ and ‘Flag to Name’. Enjoy!

* * *

10. Chess Free

Chess Free is an awesome game for Android with user-friendly interface and 2 player hot-seat.

* * *

Casual Games

11. Penguin I – Classic

Penguin I is a classical game where you have to hit the penguin as far as you can while it is falling.

* * *

12. Paper Toss

Here is another mobile games bestseller that is also now available for free on Android market. You have to toss a ball of paper into a trash can in six office themed levels of varying difficulty.

* * *

13. Air Control Lite

Imagine that you are air traffic controller and you have to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions. This is a pretty simple yet addictive game.

* * *

14. Bonsai Blast

In Bonsai Blast, shoot to match colored balls in groups of 3 or more.

* * *

15. Magic 8 Ball

This is an Android version of the classic Magic 8 Ball toy, containing all 20 original Magic 8 Ball responses.

* * *

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5 Responses to Top 15 Free Games for Android

  1. POng says:

    Dude I am so hooked on Angry Birds, I cant put it down!

  2. Droider says:

    What about My Paper Plane 2! That game is fn awesome

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  4. 王瀚宇 says:

    Maybe you should try this android game. it’s funny!

  5. Harbioyun says:

    good games