With a Passion for Skateboarding: Creative Art Sculptures by Haroshi

Now that’s a sick madness! If you have never heard about Japanese wood sculptor named Haroshi, go get the wind of his most original conceptual art. As a creator of amazingly beautiful wooden sculptures out of old, crashed and broken skateboard decks, Haroshi passed for a man of considerable resourcefulness. His multicolored and meticulously sculpted art pieces simply astound with lifelike affinity, so in whichever way it’s even possible to mistake them for being real! In his works he stacks many layers with all piece elements being connected either in their original form or in shapes to form wooden mosaic, dots, and pixels. After that they’re cut down to size, shaven to get rid of the debris, and afterwards coated with a final glossy finish. And with a long-term passion for skateboarding, Haroshi even puts a broken metal skateboard piece in the center of each sculpture to give soul to the statue. You’d better see this bewildering craftsmanship and planning involved with the unrolling showcase:


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *


* * *

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  • http://4gift.pl/ kinga

    great idea great design i say! Love it:)

  • Morgan

    This is so cool! I seriously love it.

  • foreverpest

    Just beautiful.

  • Andrea

    DUDE this is awesome! Keep at it! =P

  • CrateRyn

    Excellent use of the broken boards. AWSUM

  • cjsum17

    so so so cool excellent!!

  • http://violentcrescendo.tumblr.com Olivia

    Amazing! :D

  • Ev

    Awesome! I love it! Creativity at its best.

  • Rafael

    great ideas, amazing work. :)

  • Diana

    that a good idea, I love skateboarding and is necesary, to someone do art with the broken timbers.

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  • Evan

    Ahh, he’s a Deadhead…notice the Stealie on his desk. Makes perfect sense now, truly awesome!

  • http://www.shopstoragecabinets.com/ John Miller

    I love these sculptures. I’ve got some used boards in the garage, how do I get them to you.

  • http://bid.kadeparchment.com/ Kerron

    If stumble allowed me to ‘Love It’.. this would be one of those things. Like just doesn’t suit.

  • http://[email protected] VAD

    I did this once taking the long way around. Staining laminate walnut. Clearly not as colorful as this!

  • http://www.gizmoeye.com Sara

    Lovely Designs

  • http://www.miamibickrambrickell.com miami bikram

    this is brilliant..wow i would never have thought that this could be done and just from skaate boards. you sir/ma’m are a genius, its amazing how ones imagination can take you make you do things that no one else could possibly have imagined.

  • http://stevenahill.com Steve Hill

    I tried doing this once a while back. Couldn’t quite get the pieces glued together properly. These people definitely know what they are doing! Amazing.


  • Thomas

    that is awesome! keep up the nice work man!!

  • Steph Can


  • http://www.brentnunderwood.com Brent

    This are wonderful. Haroshi is an amazing artist. I would love to see an exhibit in person. Come to Ohio,US.

  • What

    What a colossal jackass.

  • Andreas

    it ar amazzing i am amazzd

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  • http://joelglovier.com Joel Glovier

    Wow – unreal. Some amazing craftsmanship, and creativity. Very inspiring.

  • http://higewang.tumblr.com/ higewang

    Wow, cool !
    you’re realy a genius!

  • burrr


  • makmercer

    absolutely amazing!!!

  • Gsfdg


  • Nizaa

    loved it. TALENT.

  • Owenrox

    holy crap this is amazing this guy must have absolutly no life

  • you dont know me

    wow thats fantastic! very inspirational. its great to see people with talent

  • Paul

    See what a little weed and creativity can do? Why is it illegal, again? :D

  • Kaylabell35531

    I still dont fully understand the prosesher to do this can some one explain?

  • http://twitter.com/Ruixrai Rachel Vy

    So amazing!

  • Ohi8b4iflew

    You’ve probably got no talent what so ever, so sad….so jealous.

  • Arikschoessow

    Burr? are you Mitch? If so, right on.

  • Jmessenger919

    Absolutely amazing. Keep it coming! :)

  • Elianarose129

    Absolutely incredible.

  • Ossempossem123

    That is AMAZING!

  • http://www.carnivalofillusion.com/scottsdale-shows.php scottsdale

    Awesome art! Thanks for sharing…

  • Polkadot9

    Wow. That’s just…..wow.

  • Aristides Tomahawk

    Well Done! Congratulations. To me these are really good.

  • Triston Plante

    Now that is sick madness.

  • Innovative_22

    amazing work :)

  • Kimmy05

    Oh wow!! I just love it!!

  • truee

    thats fucking sick.

  • Stattic

    People are finding so many amazing ways to re-use trashed decks. Another reason to be proud of the skateboarding community and its passion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Pam-Archer/714696531 Pam Archer

    AMAZING! Anjle, you will love this, as will my BayBay EverFree <3 !!!!!