Top Industrial Design Resources for Your Inspiration

Each designer has a list of several sites that he regularly visits for useful information and inspiration. Whether you are just considering a career of industrial designer, or work in this field, such sites will help you to keep abreast of the latest events in this sphere. Of course, there are too many Industrial Design Resources today, but I have tried my best to collect only the most interesting examples of the excellent reading that is undoubtedly informative and useful. While browsing them, you will learn more about industrial design and improve your skills.



Industrial Design ResourcesIf you ask me about one of the best online industrial design resources, I’ll certainly mention this website. Here you will find all the useful and inspiration information and will be able to take part in various creative design competitions, parties and exhibits.



Yanko Design

Industrial Design ResourcesThe second resource that should be interesting for you is YankoDesign. This is the example of influential online design magazine that was even featured on the list of’s top 100 most read blogs on the Internet and has rapidly expanding audience.



Product Design Hub

Industrial Design ResourcesIf you need to connect other designers, get useful tips from them and share your own, this is the great industrial design community. Here you will find all the industrial design resources you need to get design knowledge, experience and skills.



Easy Design

Industrial Design ResourcesThis industrial design resource highlights the latest news from the design sphere and offers you professional design tutorials. You can read here about industrial design concepts, product designs, new technologies, 3D software tutorials and much more.



Modern Urban Living

Industrial Design ResourcesThis resource is all about the beauty, functionality and originality of modern industrial design products, various accessories and gadgets for home. Its mission is to give the readers a good industrial design experience and help them make their living spaces functional.




Industrial Design ResourcesHere is the great industrial design resource for all of you who are interested in this topic. This blog covers the wide range of topics starting from the reviews of the latest design trends to the professional tutorials and educational resources that can become helpful for your own projects.




Industrial Design ResourcesOf course, you have heard about the web presence of The Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) – the largest member-driven society for product, interaction, industrial design. Here you will read about the latest events in this sphere and learn more about the international competitions, conferences and much more.



Creative Fluff

Industrial Design ResourcesThis industrial design resource features the most interesting news from all spheres of creative art and design that are written by the eclectic young designers, artists, writers, and critics from the creative team of this site.




Industrial Design Resources
This online portal for designers will provide you with industrial design related news, competitions and resources. It also offers the directory – the comprehensive international design links database.


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