Digg Newswire Beta Version Launched

Being a Digg user since early 2009 I remember almost all its version, old designs and so on. Last redesign was very successful from the designer’s point of view but totally failed from the marketer’s one. Digg team improves their offspring everyday and few days ago Digg has reached a new milestone – Digg Newswire Beta was launched. So what stands behind this beta version? According to the official blog – “Digg Newswire gives you the tools to shape the breaking stories on Digg. While stories arrive on Top News every ten minutes, news appears in the Newswire in real-time: submit an article and it’ll immediately be at the top of Recent within Newswire. As the story is Dugg, it’ll move up in the Trending rank within Newswire.”

digg newswire-beta

Also there are some important new features have been added. We should mark out following features:

  • Topic (like Technology or Politics) only shows stories within that category
  • Media (Images, Videos or Text) filter stories by type of content
  • Minimum Diggs (say 2, 5 or 25) only shows stories with at least that many Diggs
  • Maximum Diggs (for example 10 or 50) only shows stories with at most that many Diggs
  • Newswire Activity feed shows what other Diggers are doing in the Newswire including their diggs and even buries! Last thing about buries is the revolutional improvement as for me

We believe that these changes will be positively apprehended by Digg community and soon Digg Newswire will come from beta version into stable alfa.

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