Internet Explorer 10 Preview – Last Chance of a Zombie Browser

internet-explorer-logoIt looks like Microsoft has finally understood that a truly reliable and powerful software needs constant development and if you want to catch up with your opponents you have no time for hesitations. The preview of Internet Explorer version 10 was released 20 days ago. This event was widely discussed by web community on various forums and social networks. According to the notorious fame of Internet Explorer 6 and IE7 having this kind of software it a is very hard mission to accomplish – convincing web developers that new IE won’t be the pain in you know where. Moreover, the current web browsers market situation requires efficient and wise actions to be taken. Nowadays web users are spoiled with such great products as Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. So, you have to offer something really good to convince them to choose your exact product.

It would be reasonable to remind you what Internet Explorer 10 Preview 1 is going to offer web users and developers. Initially it supports CSS3 grid layout, CSS3 flexible box layout, CSS3 multi-column layout, CSS3 gradient and full hardware acceleration.

CSS3 support was one of the biggest problems for Internet Explorer and even IE9 can’t be called an absolutely CSS3-friendly browser. Even IE10 platform 2 preview still doesn’t have support for text shadows. It is not that critical but against the background of rival browsers Microsoft should think about the solution of this issue.

Internet Explorer 10 demonstrates really excellent Java Script performance. Here are the statistics about JavaScript’s implementation for preview 2. IE comparing to its major competitors fails 4 of the 10927 JavaScript tests. Chrome 14.0.835.8 beta fails 418; Opera 12 pre fails about 4,000 tests, Firefox 6.0 beta 3 fails 209 tests.

It is hard to predict the future of Internet Explorer but one thing we can say for sure – it’s alive and wants to be kicking. Considering all new features that were mentioned before only one thing can stop web developers to adore this software – its previous versions. This problem is very common for all web browsers because it is very difficult to support everything that people are running.

P. S. Btw, here is a screenshot of the Internet Explorer 10 Preview 2.


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