10 Best Photography Applications for iPad

iPad along with its elder brother iPhone has changed the mobile world forever, but we have nothing to complain about because these awesome devices have started real mobile revolution. It is hard to find really useful and efficient applications today and we are going to help you with our short review of ten awesome photography applications for iPad. Please consider that our list does not only contain photo editing apps but also some very interesting software connected with photo blogging and other stuff. So, please welcome our vision of the best photography applications for iPad. Of course we would be glad to hear about your favorite iPad photo apps in the comments section.

1. Photogene

ipad-photo-applications Photogene was created for large screen devices and now you can easily edit your photos “on the go”. This software has great user interface and now you can improve any photo without having great skills. We must mark out such great features as multiple color adjustment (color levels, exposure, contrast, saturation). Also you can apply sharpen filters or use pencil filter. Besides don’t forget about fun effects including text balloons, frames etc.

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2. Beautiful Panoramas


As you may have guessed this application is created for all panorama addicts. This applications delivers stunning 360 degree panoramas to iPad. You can easily navigate trough your photo with an excellent zoom system. Beautiful Panoramas app was created by professional photographer and you’ll feel it once this app will be installed on your iPad.

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3. Filterstorm


Filterstorm attracts with its very intuitive and simple user interface which allows you to choose among various editing tools. You can use masking tools which can be applied to any of the filters by brush, color range, and gradient, as well as to the entire image. Another great thing about this application is that you can use video tutorials to learn more about some particular features and tools.

* * *

4. FX Photo Studio


Being one of the most advanced photo editing applications on the market FX Photo Studio surprises with brilliant interface and huge choice of editing tools. There are many presets that you can use to edit photos. Among important features we can mark out cropping, rotating, flipping and of course social photo sharing functions.

* * *

5. The Big Picture


I’m sure that many of you have heard about Big Picture photo blog at Boston.com. This unique photo portal covers various world events in photo reports. You can track down latest photos on Big Picture in the landscape mode which makes photos more spectacular.

* * *

6. Lo-Mob


Lo-Mob is a very interesting software created specifically for all retro fans. Download your photo and lo-mob generates various samples with original vintage effects so you can choose the best one. Also you can easily share your photo via social media accounts or send it via email.

* * *

7. Adobe Photoshop Express


This is a mobile application from Adobe that was created as a simple photo editor for mobile users. It has tons of useful editing tools to enhance photography right on your iPad. Upload, improve and share your photos online together with Adobe Photoshop Express.

* * *

8. Flickr Photo Map


Flickr Photo map is a great way to explore world. You can geotag your photos and check photos from other users by using interactive Flickr map. Zoom into your house to see photos in your neighborhood. Check out areas that you would like to visit and get a sense for that place.

* * *

9. Instagram


Instagram offers a wide range of filters, borders and other useful options for comfortable photo editing. Also this application offers a wide range of social media sharing features including Facebook, Flickr, Tumblr, Foursquare and Twitter sharing. We believe that this is one of the most popular and very user-friendly applications in our list so far.

* * *

10. Film Lab


Film Lab gives you an opportunity to recreate the look of analog film stocks. You can choose from the impressive set of film and film styles including Ilford, Kodak, AGFA, Calotype, FORTE, GAF, Polachrome, Rollei and Fuji. Vintage effects are always considered to be fashionable and now you can apply these effects to your photos.

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6 Responses to 10 Best Photography Applications for iPad

  1. John says:

    I think you forgot one: Photo.net Gallery. It shows beautiful photos of the Photo.net collection. Especially nice are the photographer’s comments. Universal app as well.

  2. Meerkatmac says:

    Hey, I’m surprised Photo Shack Pro isn’t listed here. Or is this just about photo editing apps. As far as I’m concerned, Photo Shack Pro is the absolute best photo management app available. The perfect iPad companion app for the avid or professional photographer.

  3. Dcmlondon says:

    Photo Shack Pro is awfull and useless – it only allows for ONE more level of albums than ipad photo itself anyway and it keeps crashing . The worst is that I lost ALL my photos in the albums after downloading iOS 5 – it just seems to loose connection to the photos in the main library – i have given up on it now and just made an endless list of folders in the library – why can it not recognise folders inside folders – am I the only one who uses more than one level of folder to organise photos on my computer ?!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you read photography blogs on a regular basis “FotoMag” provides a more visual way to browse photography blogs on the internet.

    Fotomag is available as a free download for the iPhone and iPad platforms. You can download it from here – http://itunes.apple.com/app/fotomag/id468619026?mt=8.

    You can find more information at http://fotomag.applicoventuresllc.com

  5. PhotoMagic says:

    Don’t blame Photo Shack Pro for your iOS 5 upgrade problems. Mine hasn’t crashed even once, and it organizes into exactly as many levels as its description says it does. If you’re looking for the same functionality as your computer, your first mistake was buying an iPad in the first place. The iPad isn’t a computer, but you can probably find some jailbreak junkware to do what you want. Just read the description this time.

  6. GreenMile says:

    Photo Shack Pro just went on sale for the Holidays at just $9.99 (normally $14.99). Sale is good until Jan 2, 2012.