NYC’s Day and Night Combined in Stephen Wilkes Photography

For this Thursday we’ve made a series that captures a transitioning of day into night within a single photograph. In fact, this is going to be about a fine art project Stephen Wilkes has produced about New York in the beautiful patches of day and night. “Day to Night embodies a combination of my favorite things to photograph; people on the street melded with epic cityscapes, and the fleeting moments throughout the day and night,” noted the author. Well, we should admit that these exceptionally well done photographs add a surreal dimension to various iconic New York places. To split the landscapes from AM to PM and create such a surrealist effect, Stephen kept his camera at a fixed angle for up to 15 hours, then weaved and blended the shots into one frame. Let’s now contemplate all the bustle of the city within these breathtaking shots. Hope, those of you who have never been to NY will have the time to make it up to see this in person.

The Flatiron, NYC

* * *

Coney Island

* * *

The Highline, NYC

* * *

Central Park, NYC

* * *

Park Avenue, NYC

* * *

Times Square, NYC

* * *

Washington Square Park, NYC

* * *

Gramercy Park, NYC

* * *

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  • Tawny_____13


  • Ken

    awesome, clever work! thank you

  • Marc François

    Beautiful work! Gots to do L.A. next!! = )

  • Guest

    Great concept and execution

  • Easterone72

    dude ur amazing

  • Annunci Incontri Torino

    Amazing photos. I love the photo(s) taken at Coney Island

  • Formula Racer

    Cool post

  • Debbie

    Beautiful photos, very well done.

  • Karin Bronner

    Phenomenal!!! I think my fav is Washington Sq (tough as it was to select a fav!).

  • Andry R.

    Awesome work!!!

  • Vandamoniuim

    Amazing, thank you!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Absolutely amazing.

  • Attila

    nice idea, i will try it my self :D

  • Sanders

    brilliant idea

  • Andrzejkurzynski

    Great job!

  • FACEBOOK10011


  • anna


  • Raghuram

    THIS is photography!!!!!!!

  • Hanniejl

    this is awesome! <3 i would love to go to NYC right now!!!

  • Dragonfly_queen_92

    i live in this wonderful city and have been to the places in these pictures many times. this artist has captured them beautifully

  • Thomaskop

    I thought the same about Saddam Hussein’s one

  • Amandaaa

    these are amazinggg!!! i love them! :)

  • Shel6936

    Amazing photos!

  • Henk Z Hommes

    top photo

  • S Eisenberg

    great concept and beautiful photography

  • Gabo Gardea


  • Allisonwaves

    I hate NY. I don’t ever want to live there again!!

  • Janatmsn

    These pictures are great. I love NYC there is something about it that gives you energy-you don’t mind walking and everything is exciting. New Yorkers are the most “with it” people. New York is my favorite city to visit. great restaurants, shopping. These pictures take me back there.

  • Diana Edelman

    This makes me want to go to NYC so badly!!

  • Seeturtle24

    soooooo amazing. first of all i have an obsession with New York City, and this just makes it even better. ahhh i love this so much

  • Msparkman13

    Great work! Wonderful shots and awesome idea!

  • mirzA

    once in my life i would love to go ther

  • Bill

    well well well miss Allisonwaves… NYC rules! Great shots!

  • Zach Traylor

    Kandy Blevins is a thieving asshole.

  • Andre Kim Junior

    that sucks for you

  • Photography Schools

    photography with a subject awsome man

  • Damon

    NIce pictures…. New York looks cool at night..

  • iPhone 5

    cool photography…. great…

  • guest

    real great idea!

  • Anonymous

    This looks shopped.

  • Aislaith

    Haters gon’ hate…

  • Anonymous

    Looks legit.

  • Bakeca Incontri Roma

    Great! I love it!

  • canvas prints

    you have some awsome arial shots here


    Great>> We don’t want you here!
    People from all over the world would LOVE TO COME TO NEW YORK.

  • MAniac

    Then why do so many New Yorkers move down to Florida? Keep them up there. We don’t want them here.

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