Can Web Designers Deal with Criticism

The web development industry which is pretty creative in nature can bring in a wide range of criticism for you. In order to survive in this world, you need to handle critics and disproval of people. Criticism can tend to put a situation of restlessness, agitation and even test your nature and character. Criticism can act like a destructive force to you provided you take it in a negative way; however, the same can act like a driving force if taken positively. The way you handle the criticism coming to you will decide your stature and success in the web development market. The following are the ways of handling criticism:

Retain the positivity in you


When someone criticizes on designing part, they can be considered to be subjective. Every person has his or her own way of seeing things and designing is a vast field. So even you find things improper, you can’t think of ignoring the criticism virtually. You cannot expect others to see things in your perspective, so disagreement or criticism is part of the game. When you see people criticizing your work, make sure you do not take things on your personality and therefore no need to take things personally. Go with your positive attitude and respond in a calm way.

Be careful in your first reaction



You first reaction towards criticism is generally always defensive. You shouldn’t be ending with things which you might regret later. Hence it’s better to take a pause for a while and think before saying or uttering anything. The moment you are free from your anger, you can conclude with an appropriate response.
Making out the difference between useless and useful criticism: You can get whole lot of criticism on your web development work, but it is vital to discriminate between a useless and useful kind of criticism. The feedback or criticism which is worthy enough to get the attention is generally clear and logical. The baseless feedback gives no sense; a classic example can be people who claim that they disliked the color of your design. Any useful criticism can be the one which is explained by the person in a logical way and would like to see you improving in your designing skills.

Try to learn from the criticism



Everything you see in this world has some purpose. So if you find someone posing any criticism on you consider its purpose by dealing it in an effective way rather than reacting on it. You cannot neglect people’s feedback or views when you are working for them. With the help of criticism you can identify your week and strong points in your designing skills. Always remember one thing that you can never be always right, while others too can give better suggestions. Hence never lose the opportunity to learn from these comments or criticism and improve on your skills.

The right way to deal with criticism is to understand one fact that they are not any kind of personal attack on you. So while handling comments, remember there can be both good and bad ones. Make sure you do not get affected by the negative comments and try to learn positive out of it. Always try to accept healthy criticism and take them as opportunities to improve and grow. The tips and tricks discussed above can help you in handling them in a right way.

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