How to Give a Unique and Creative Touch to your Logo Designs Projects

As creation needs creativity, creation or designing of a logo also requires creativity. Therefore, it can be said that the logo designing is considered as the best example of someone’s creativity. A complete logo designing process takes a quality amount of knowledge related to both graphical representation and programming languages. Only the logo designers and the people related to this field know how much effort and hard work one has to put to create a logo and make it creative and unique.

It is not must for you to have a degree in graphic designing but you need to have a creative eye to become successful in the highly competitive career. There are a number of logo designing companies which appoint many experts who do not obtain any formal degree. But they are working quite successfully and clients are also quite satisfied with them.
A logo can only be considered as the successful one if it matches the following criteria:


  • The target customers should remember the logo without any effort.
  • The logo should be recognized very well even from a certain distance.
  • It should convey the message of the company for which it has been created.
  • The logo should be smart enough following the value of trademark.
  • The logo should contain the perfect blend of graphics and colors.

If your logo matches all the above conditions then it must reach the top of the list. If the logo is created focussing on the business as well as maintaining creativity and uniqueness, it will surely become huge hit to the clients as well as the customers. Following are some suggestions for the logo designers on how they can attach creative and unique touch in their logo designing projects:

Use of Symbols and Letters: If you intend to design your logo in a very simple way, you can use small symbols and combine them with 2 or more letters. You can add more than one letters as a number of corporate organizations also do the same thing. But keep in mind that your logo should be class apart from the others.

Use of Pictures and Effects: Your business may deal with any products or services but if you insert pictures and add a bit effetcs then it can look trendy and smart. It can be helpful for the designers as well. For example, if your comapny deals with fashionable items or gift items then your logo designer should insert a ribbon effect which can make the logo more attractive than the others.

Insertion of Message: You can make your logo much more attractive by inserting some hidden messages related to the brand or the organization who has appointed you to design the logo on their behalf. Everyone be it logo design company or individual logo designer or the client company wants their logo to be the best and this tips can make the logo unique and creative.

Do Not Include Clip Arts: A number of logo designers prefer using clip arts while designing logos. But it has become quite common these days. Therefore, it is suggested that try to make your logo unique and creative without using clip arts.

Maintain the Length and Width: While designing a logo you need to keep in mind the length and the width. Maintaining proper height, length and width can make a logo much more attractive than the others. Maintaining heights of a logo is important specially for different advertising medium. Otherwise it may look ugly.

Use of Color and Graphics: As you are done with the logo designing project and going to submit it to the clients, just have a final look at the logo to check whether the graphics and colors which have been used are really matching the purpose of the business of your client or not. A perfect blend of graphics and colors can reach your logo into a different level.

Explore the Theme: It may not always possible for you to insert message in the logo. But what you can do is you can design the logo in such a way so that the logo itself convey the message on the behalf of the organization regarding their business or products or services without using a single letter. You need to keep in mind the nature of business of your client.

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  1. Logo Design says:

    I must appreciate this appealing and innovative company logo. Thanks for everything.

  2. Connasys says:

    yup designing a creative logo design and to make it uniquely designes you have to take some efforts on it as its not that easy task to do.