7 Top-Notch Alternatives to WordPress Blogging Platform

All bloggers know WordPress as the most popular platform that has various features and functions as well as different themes, plugins, widgets and other extensions for providing easy blog maintenance. There’s a great number of websites and blogs which are powered by WordPress all around the web, but what other options we have for today? Well, in this post you’ll find perfect solutions which correspond to your needs and become great alternatives to WordPress blogging platform which presented below. But before choosing the most suitable system, we advise you to learn more information about each particular platform and weigh its pros and cons. In this way you will make the right choice and find exactly what you need for your blog.


FlatPress is open source blogging software that has easy plugin system, widget support and doesn’t require a database to function.

* * *


Textpattern is free content management system open source software that allows you to simply create, edit and publish content without PHP or any other programming knowledge.

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MovableType is a professional publishing platform that becomes great solution for building websites and blogs, using various plugins and features.

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Lifetype is an open source blogging platform with built-in anti-spam filter and with support for various blogs and users in a single installation.

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Habari is a blogging software which supports multiple database backends (MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL), has many free plugins and themes to use, and also has great community support.

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Typepad is a blog software program which includes hosting, good support and allows you to fully customize your blog’s design using advanced tools and features.

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Livejournal is a blogging platform that was designed for personal use and community building.

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  1. adobe captivate tutorial says:

    Great blogging platforms. Previously I was not aware of these plugins. I am also creating wordpress blogs these will be very beneficial for me. Thanks for discussing.

  2. ricky martin says:

    Your post includes great tips and you
    managed to keep it simple and understandable.