What is Multivariate Testing and its Contribution to Your Website’s Business

Let’s say your marketing prowess have gone the drain and you’ve seen significant change on your sales reports, this is probably the right time for you to make adjustments especially on your promotions and website. Today, you have to realize that your fundamental existence thus you have to work hard on staying on top of your market, one way to do this is by doing multivariate test.

It is understandable if you choose to hire firms that will help you increase profitability or bombard your site with advertisements but this is not what your customers need. No amount of fleeting resolution can compensate for a long term solution that you can try on instead of investing on something that is unreliable and cannot guarantee marketability.


How to make a website effective and how the multivariate test can help

The first thing you have to consider when you’re planning on bringing more traffic to your site is to at least make significant changes and improve the visual aspect of your website, using systematic techniques for the improvement of the site, this will enable you to broaden the exchange of traffic from several websites.

Let go of the burdens of intensive marketing. For a change, work on a more encouraging approach to persuade your viewers to support and buy your products. This rational approach can gain you integrity on your business; as well as clients that actually believe on your capacity to provide good business. This concept is very practical and convincing because of your ability to provide a clear and coherent business proposal and not all about getting more clients.

What is Multivariate Testing?

Multivariate test is a way in which you can initiate the increase of visitors on your site thus making it interchangeable to other websites. Multivariate testing is the process in which web designers create different designs for a website and simultaneously publish this on the internet, upon launching, they will observe which design is best supported and visited by customers. You don’t have to worry about making it look like it’s a test page because of its significant changes and approach on the design.

Determining the best design will have to rely on which users visited the most and had interactive activity. Statistic will be based on the method the designer used.

How do you perform Multivariate test?

Make a review of your website: Take a good look at your website, take it as your just one of the viewers who visits this by chance. Observe the overall design of your website and make some notes on the content or design that you think needs some improvement. To make the observation more credible, set out a survey within your circle of acquaintances regarding the website and what they think is needed to improve it.

Plan the testing: After taking notes of all the aspects that needs improvement, revise your list in accordance on which should be the priority on the list. Make sure that you consolidate all those that can be tested at the same time, and those that need individual testing.

Plan your layout: Upon picking the aspect you want to perform the test, make notes on the improvements you foresee and make a rough draft. During the testing period it is important to start creating the development that are essentially be used on the second Multivariate testing.

Do the actual Multivariate test: When you have finalized the difference between the websites, you can start running the procedure. This can be done personally or employ someone who can run software tools for the optimization of the website.

Study the result: Besides proper investigation, it is also important to be able to analyze the problem. Once you’ve seen the best website design that gave you the most traffic, you can start copying and applying the solutions implemented for the original website.

The Importance and Conclusion of Multivariate Testing

Many website entrepreneurs know the importance of multivariate testing because it allows them to determine what is working for them in terms of converting visitors to sales. Most webmasters think that just following all the rules for SEO will count if they do it right, but it can something as simple as switching fonts or a picture around. At the end of the day it’s not just about SEO, but it’s about what the visitors see and it’s usually the design of the website that makes it easier for you to convert visitors to sales.

Hopefully, upon reading this article you’ll understand why it’s so important to test out your website. Successful entrepreneurs know how to convert their sales because they take both SEO and design work to account. Through multivariate testing, you’ll be able to learn the trials and errors of your website in order for it to be user friendly and intuitive. So, don’t forget to perform multivariate test, you’re conversions depend on it.

About the Author

This is a guest post by Ruben Corbo. He is a freelance writer specialized in different topics including technology, online marketing with AB and multivariate testing, music, art, and motivation. When Ruben is not writing, he is producing and composing music for short films and other forms of visual arts.

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