How to Choose an Animation Style for Your Product Video

Today the popularity of communicating product value through animated videos has made businesses realize their potential in convincing their audience. Not only do they convince a potential customer, but also help in launching a product, giving a demonstration and building a brand.

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Animated videos also help businesses by giving them a strong online visibility. Being of different kinds they are able to take care of a business’ different communication requirements. Let’s see the kinds of animation that a business can take advantage of:

1. 2D animation: This animation technique brings out the illusion of movement of drawings or objects to its viewers. Such illusion is achieved with the help of animation software, where images are sequenced in progression and are then shown at a rapid movement.

2. 3D animation: This makes use of computer generated images to give a three dimensional view to its viewers. It involves creation of 3D modeling of objects and their surroundings which are then given a 3D effect. They succeed in creating an atmosphere of virtual reality in front of their audience.
2D and 3D animation can be used for the following kind of videos:

Animated explainers

These videos are used to give an explanation on a product. Through them a product can be launched and disseminated to a large audience. They help in simplifying the complex information of a product. Typically, they highlight the needs of the audience and the ways a product or service can solve them. Businesses that solve myriad problems of their audience are best suited to go for these kinds of videos.

Overview video

Overview videos give a summary of a product to their audience. They are helpful in quickly conveying a large piece of information. Businesses that want to create a buzz about their yet-to-be-launched product can gain immensely from them.

Instructional video

Instructional videos are “how to” videos that convey information in the form of instructions. These instructions are conveyed graphically, step-by-step, to viewers to guide them about a product. They are helpful to businesses involved in innovative, lengthy or complex products, such as those involved in website building or providing online tutorials.

White-board animation

In these videos, sketches are drawn simultaneously while the voice-narration is in process in the background. Such sketches could be of anything, including characters. Also called multi-sketch animation, this technique uses the method of story-telling to convey a message. These videos are better suited for businesses looking to give a professional look and feel to their message.

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3. Stop motion Under this technique, animation is used to make static objects appear moving. This is done by filming each incremental motion of an object into individual frames, which are then played in a sequence. This results in an illusion of movement. They are of different kinds:
Puppet-based animation: In this kind of animation, puppets suspended with threads are used to convey a message. Strings are made to move to show the interaction between the puppets which leads to the normal flow of messages.

Clay animation

Clay animation uses the figures made of clay which may have a wire frame to manipulate them. Such clay figures are morphed into different shapes to create stop-motion animation.

Finger art animation

In this animation, drawings such as that of a boy or girl are made on fingers, which are then moved to show interaction between them.

Common craft animation

These videos are best suited to businesses wanting to convey a message to audiences that don’t have a technical background. They use white board and paper or cloth cut-outs that are moved through fingers to convey a message.

The choice of animation for videos, if made carefully, can help a company convey the value proposition of its products or services better.


Anchit Barnwal writes for broadcast2world, a company specializing in animated video production for products and services. Having a keen interest in the finer aspects of animated videos, he likes to share his knowledge via various blogs and other web-media. Anchit has also penned a book Winner’s Podium.



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