Augment Your Web and Graphic Design Skills with Adobe InDesign

Technology has made a great impact on different life aspects and is still keeping on improvising. These days people developed numerous software and tools to carry out various operations such as documentation, communication and designing. With the time flow, people have realized the importance of media and presentation, so they are focusing on design, whether it’s print media, web or electronic media. Presenting something in the attractive manner makes things more effective and that’s the reason why people use various design applications to create enhanced and attractive web designs, print designs, graphic designs and so on.

Adobe, one of the most popular IT Companies, offers a wide range of design applications, recognized by professional designers utilizing different Adobe software to fulfill their design tasks. Among multiple design tools, Adobe InDesign is one of the most popular and feature-rich software, developed to meet the requirements of web and print designers.

Adobe InDesign is a Desktop Publishing (DTP) software. You might be thinking what does that suppose to mean? Well, InDesign offers tools both for design and layout purposes, it provides you with the ability to work with text and images. Besides this, you can create attractive document layouts for printing posters and newspapers. Some most prominent features of InDesign are discussed in detail below.

Laying out a document

This feature allows you create custom document layouts and work with layers in order to organize document’s structure. Furthermore, it offers you several different styles in terms of fonts; you can create and modify object styles as well. With the transformation feature you can transform different objects to create the unique one.


Text tool offers you a variety of options using which you can add several effects to create attractive text based designs. You can add special characters using Type menu, Glyph panel and content menu; modify the looks of text within the text frame using Text Frame Options; manipulate text flow using text threading, smart text flow, text wrap and resizing. Along with these key features, you have plenty of other tools which provide you options in terms of text styling.

Graphic Management

This section lets you manage various aspects of graphics, like identifying best settings to choose and place an image, locating XMP metadata for an image, working on different aspects of image using layers and handling image transparency.

Color and Transparency

This section deals with various colors and transparency options. Here you can use named swatches versus unnamed colors, create, modify and apply gradients, apply transparency effects and manage different colors efficiently.

Along with these key features, InDesign offers plenty of other tools to work with long documents: Importing, exporting and working with cross-media, Working with tables and Managing prepress and printing. All these elements play vital role in the field of professional web design and print design, so if you are willing to enhance your design skills, you should learn Adobe InDesign. Adobe offers various certifications for professionals to provide them with strong knowledge of different software. If you wish to become an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) on InDesign, you have to pass 9A0-086 exam. This exam is oriented on checking your skills in terms of InDesign.

There are lots of books that offer guidance on InDesign work and tools, but when it comes to getting Adobe InDesign certification, you need to understand exam’s structure, that’s why I always advise people to visit as they offer 9A0-086 training material based on actual InDesign exam. If you are striving to become professional designer, I suggest you to learn Adobe InDesign.

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