Improvements in WordPress 3.6 That You Should Expect Soon

If you would like to create a blog or a website with textual content par excellence, you would have few ways to do it nicely. For example, you can start using WordPress. This content management system is considered to be one of the most popular and comfortable: it powers over 60 million websites worldwide.

WordPress Foundation is almost ready to launch a new version of its wonderful blogging and website tool. It’s WordPress 3.6 and it’s is a hot thing: comparing with previous updates this one made a notable step forward. Let’s revise some of the major changes.

New Theme

The WordPress 3.6 would have a modernized default theme called Twenty Thirteen. Designers concentrated on colors: they were improved with high contrast and bold tints. Also, following the latest tendencies, Twenty Thirteen is oriented on working optimally with one-column layout.

The new theme is able to remember widget positions, which would be a proper add-on for changing template. Besides, Twenty Thirteen is responsive, the smartphone boom and actively growing mobile web are taken into consideration.

WordPress 3.6 Improvements

Feel free to check Twenty Thirteen demo

Menu User Interface

Checking the improved menu design, I suppose WordPress 3.6 developers apprehended minimalism trend, because the admin area was relieved from excessive and simplified.

WordPress 3.6 Improvements

Post Formats

The post formats concept and post formats themselves have migrated from blogs to WordPress 3.6. We’ve got 10 different types including a standard one:

  • • Standard Post
  • • Image Post
  • • Gallery Post
  • • Link Post
  • • Video Post
  • • Audio Post
  • • Chat Post
  • • Status Post
  • • Quote Post
  • • Aside Post

WordPress 3.6 Improvements

I think everything is clear regarding the direction of formats. I just want to clarify the essence of the last one: it’s intended to compose a quick thought or side topic.

Revisions Comparing

If you have ever been a poster on Wikipedia, you should understand a great advantage of revisions comparing. Nevertheless, though the option was available in previous versions, WordPress team made it suitable only in 3.6 version by adding more visual elements and a slider aimed to improve a distinction between revisions and to ease their navigation respectively.

WordPress 3.6 Improvements


Autosave is a rather useful feature of early 3.* versions. In the coming 3.6 release it would be advanced: everything you’re writing would be kept locally. So no more worries about browser crashed or anything like that – with updated autosave mechanism you wouldn’t lose your post.

WordPress 3.6 Improvements

Post Locking

This option would definitely help to avoid confusions between teammates in case the content is edited by a group of authors. I wouldn’t state it’s a very needful feature, once your team is close-knit.

WordPress 3.6 Improvements

* * *

It’s rumored all over the web WordPress 3.6 should be released this month. As per the official project schedule, the new version indeed will come out on April, 29. So, be sure we can upgrade our WordPress soon.

If you have some more interesting info regarding the subject: I would be glad to see it in the comments.

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Art Rivera: Deeply interested in everything connected with Internet, I sincerely suppose the web is the only future reality for the humanity through its inevitable involving into every part of human life. I’m not a great fan of cyberpunk concept, but the world is keeping that certain direction of total connectedness. And of course there should be someone, who can write the history, who would describe and analyze and enter in the record all notable changes and tendencies on the web. Hello, it’s me.

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