Google + SkyFont = Easy Download Google Fonts

It’s obvious typography is a rather important element in web designing. Therefore both newbies and pros are eager to ease the work with fonts. The best solution here is to combine the font managing with finding new typography. So, the company that follows that statement and develops itself in such way is certainly worth of attention from the web designer community.

Recently Google presented a remarkable option for download of Google Fonts to your desktop for offline access. This allows you not only operate with fonts within Windows and Mac OS systems without any need for internet connection, but also speed up processing websites with web fonts, because your browser wouldn’t require time to read font data. Anyway, it’s just a tip of the iceberg.

* * *

The font directory is powered through SkyFonts. This useful utility is intended to make the fonts installation as effortless as possible. One more handy feature is SkyFonts can automatically synchronize the typography on your devices (up to five). Then, no worries about updates – once the new characters are added they would be immediately installed on your device. SkyFonts would do for you almost everything; you would be left tet-a-tet with typography relieved from botherations of utility exploitation.

* * *

We shouldn’t forget that Google fonts are totally free of charge. The other wonderful thing is they are open source. Every skilled programmer can gain true benefits of that. The source files can be found at Google Code project.

* * *

Integration with SkyFonts would definitely improve Google fonts functionality, creating great conditions for web design. Moreover, it’s suitable for average users who want to increase speed of their browsers.

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