Web Design Trend: Why the One Page Layout is Effective

The one page layout is one of the best web design trends to have taken the Internet by storm in 2013. Obviously, single page websites have been around since the Internet became available to the public in the 90s, but the concept has evolved to create a better user experience. Today, one page layouts can be done with advanced coding to keep the users from having to scroll, scroll, and scroll down the page. The advanced coding available nowadays allows one page layouts to remain minimal and super easy to browse.

What is a one page layout?

It’s a layout where every internal link points to a section of the page you’re on. The links don’t open a new page, but rather have you jump further down the page. Sometimes, it’ll utilize java to open a new page in a frame within the page. If you want to visit an actual website with a one page layout, look no further than My Pizza Oven (and have fun clicking the links on the far left of the page!)

One Page Layout Design Trend

Sometimes you don’t even need to incorporate links into your page. You can simply have your visitors scroll down to view all the content you have on your website. Luke Stevenson is a good example of this.

One Page Layout Web Design Trend

If you hate to make your visitors scroll all over the page, you can create a super simple single page layout like Sean Gaffney has.

One Page Layout Web Design Trend

Now that you know several different ways to design a one page layout, it’s time to cover why it’s a good idea to embrace this web design trend.

You get to eliminate clutter

With a single page layout, you’re forced to trim your content down to the bare essentials. Well, you can include everything you can imagine, but you’ll end up with a super long page nobody would ever want to read through. This is actually a good challenge for you while designing your website. You’re forced to determine what’s important enough to include in your single page layout, and you’ll end up with a clear, concise, and easy-to-browse website.

Your visitors will have an extremely easy time browsing your website

With the one page layout, the back button isn’t even necessary. Instead of hitting the back button and clicking a bunch of links in order to find one little piece of information, your visitors can just click an internal link or scroll around your website. With all the information in one place, everything will come easy to your visitors. They’ll leave marveling over how simple and effortless your website is to navigate.

Your website will look super clean

A dilemma most web designers come across is the balance between necessary content and a clean, simplistic look. The one page layout easily solves this problem. You get to control what is immediately visible to your visitors every time they click an internal link. Everything else is hidden unless they scroll up or down, or click on another internal link. Your page is like a stage, and your visitors can “control the show” however they want. This allows for a clean and sleek look, and you can include all the necessary content you want. It’s a win-win situation!

Your visitors will be more likely to stay on your website

Because your website is clean, simple, clutter-free, informative, and super easy to browse, your visitors won’t ever want to leave your website!

There are many great one page layouts on the Internet to take after

Some of them are neat and tasteful; others are messy and overwhelming. If you happen to come across a website with a one page layout and if you find it easy and pleasant to browse, then be sure to bookmark it for when you’re ready to design a one page layout yourself!

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