Babylon Tower Sucks: Optically Camouflaged Tower Infinity

Everyone knows an old legend about the Babylon Tower. Ancient people wanted to reach God and were trying to build a tower up to Heaven. However, the attempt was unsuccessful. The legend explains that God became angry and ruined the Tower. But I wouldn’t be so sure about this hypothesis. Most probably, Babylonians just hadn’t technologies progressive enough to reach their aim.

Now the situation is pretty different. All around the world we can find a plenty of skyscrapers that serve as a symbol of human grandeur. And the most interesting thing here is that sometimes the trick is not only in the extra height.

There is a skyscraper called the Tower Infinity. It’s located in fast-paced Korea, Seoul. And what’s wrong with it? Actually nothing, but the tower’s designers from GDS Architects state the building is invisible. Surprised? Well, you’ll be more surprised if I tell you it’s true.

Optically Camouflaged


Nevertheless, I prefer term “optically camouflaged” instead of bright “invisible”, which is more suitable for marketing purposes, not the actual characteristic. So, let’s make clear what it means.

* * *



One will be definitely able to watch through the Tower Infinity: take a look on one side of the skyscraper and you’ll just see the landscape behind it. (Poor birds, that would smash into the walls of the building!). The technology is based on the solid layer of cameras and LED’s around the building. So, once the cameras capture the landscape from one side, the LED’s demonstrated the image from the other one. In this case logically that we can’t see the building itself – it’s truly invisible.


Optically Camouflaged

Optically Camouflaged

* * *



The outstanding feature about the optical camouflage of Tower Infinity is that it will be possible to adjust the visibility. In result we get only the invisible mode, but also a ghost one, when the skyscraper is visible just a little bit.


Optically Camouflaged

* * *


As everything good, optical camouflage technology is not new. Naturally, firstly it has appeared just as an idea in sci-fi creations. You can remember some James Bond’s secret tricks, Predator’s technologies and also famous manga and anime Ghost in the Shell. And if earlier rumors on internet were misty and chiefly concern some secret weapon of head states (for example, American experimental stealth aircraft), today the technology comes out from the underground and creates beauty, not war. The project of Tower Infinity definitely proves that.


A shot from "Ghost in the Shell" showing optical camouflage.


However, you can have your own thoughts on this case. The comment section is totally for you.

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