Free Design with a Scandinavian Touch for Restaurant Site

Chic and modern – it’s all about Scandinavian style that catches more and more interest of the viewers today. It’s simple and elegant in its aesthetics and robust at the root. If you want your designs look professional and minimalistic, this style is what you need. It’s not only decorative, but oriented at wise presentation of your business. Consider Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Site to bring a Scandinavian touch to your projects that deal with food & restaurant business.

The design of this theme is clean and simple without compromising on its functionality. Soft olive color on the background and blurred images in the gallery look really appealing. Clicking each of the images, you go to the Menu page. Animated border menu (presented in three dashes) in the top reveals the menu items when you click it. Back-to-top button moves you smoothly to the header. The Contacts page is designed with a nice map in soft colors that is taken from Snazzy Maps site offering a number of color solutions for Google maps. Notice elegant fonts and nice circular design elements that add visual appeal to this design.

We hope, this design will bring you savory inspiration for new creations.

demo | get.psd

Free HTML5 Template for Restaurant Site

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