Shared Vs Dedicated – Which is Better?

Shared and dedicated servers are the two buzz words in the online business world. The common issue for the business owners while planning to launch their e commerce site is to choose whether shared or dedicated hosting. Are you a business owner at a crossroads now? Be sure while taking deciding on particular hosting solution as it affect how your business will run on the web space in the future.

Several start – up businesses prefer to opt for shared hosting because of the costs. If you have limited budget, then shared is usually the best starting point. The differences between shared and dedicated servers are far and wide. The basic difference is the environment in which both operate. Let us have a look at some other differences:

- Server hardware – It is the most important variation between these two hosting solutions. When it comes to dedicated web hosting, a separate server is maintained for your website only to ensure the best performance and functionality of your website. Shared servers are those where the other websites will be sharing the same server with you.
- Performance – The reason why server crashes is because certain scripts are generated and it can overload a server’s resources. It leads to the slow performance that takes more loading time. You can find regular crashes in shared hosting solution. In dedicated hosting, you alone are hosted in that server, which means your server is not shared with others. You can get quick response when compared to shared hosting solution. So when visitors browse your website will really feel happy because of its fast loading time.
- Price – Generally, the price factor varies in search and selection of goods and services. As it said earlier, shared hosting is the cheapest way to have your online website hosted. It is mainly because the costs are evenly distributed. But when it comes to the dedicated hosting solution, it is pretty much expensive which may not appeal to the business owners operating on a limited budget.
- Installation and maintenance – Business owners who opt for shared hosting don’t have to maintain and service the servers. This is the role played by the web host who must check whether the servers are always up and running. On the other side, dedicated servers require that the owner maintains them. It means that one has to use a webmaster to keep the servers up and running. Make sure that you should be a person with web hosting technological skills in order to interact and operate dedicated servers.
- Level of support – People who use the dedicated servers will be pleased with a better scope of support and services. You will also really enjoy faster turn-around time as well, well beyond what are available to a shared hosting account user. In fact, web hosting provider will hire technical specialists with good experience. This is because to administer their websites especially those with dedicated hosting account.
- Privacy – With the use of shared hosting, businesses have to install firewalls and many security applications and programs. As dedicated servers are under your control, so it is completely your responsibility to secure it in a perfect way. You can be able to control the security programs which you have installed. You are the boss of your server and hence there are less chances of acquirung viruses and malwares. There is more risk with the shared servers because of others use the same server.

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Author Bio: Peter, a famous web hosting service provider who helped many businesses to make the right decision about web hosting solutions. Apart from his profession, he loves to share his views and sugestions for the people through his articles. His recent articles are about cheap dedicated servers, shared hosting etc.

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