6 Things That Every Businesses Should Do After Installing WordPress

Who don’t know about WordPress? Almost every new and then businessman knows about WordPress, which is one of the most advanced content management systems for developing fully-functional websites. Today, you would find millions of businessmen, who are very much interested in WordPress because of its plenty of features and incredible performance.

When it comes to install, one can find lots of tutorials on the web that can help him/her to get started with it. But have you read any article or blog that provides information on what to after installing WordPress? I think very few blogs and articles provide information on what to do after it has been installed.

To make your task easy after installing, here I have listed 6 things that every businesses should do. Considering these 6 things will help you to make your blog and website look more professional, secure and advanced, so let’s have a look.

6 Things That Every Businesses Should Do After Installing WordPress

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First: Modify the Default Admin Account

First, you should log-in and have to add a new admin user. It is important for you to ensure that you give it administrator rights. Then you can log-out and log-in again as a new user.
Make sure you remove the default admin user as you will not publish your content as admin, so ensure that you delete the admin user and set yourself up with flexible admin name.

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Second: Make Sure to Change the Permalinks

Secondly, it is also most important for you to change the permalinks because WordPress sets your article URLs to look something like www.wpteach.com/?p=53, but it is completely terrible for your SEO efforts.

We can say that it is just simple and poor usability. You should change the URL structure to look more like www.wpteach.com/xyz that can make sense to your readers. To change the permalinks – Go to Settings > Permalinks > Common Settings. There, you need to choose any predefined permalink structure that suits your business.

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Third: Remember to Activate Akismet

We all know that Akismet comes with WordPress, so it can reduce comment and Trackback spans without your interaction. You need to make sure to activate that so that you can acquire the benefits of it. In order to activate it, you need API key from Akismet, which is free and you can get it from here.

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Fourth: Install Premium WordPress theme

When it comes to WordPress site’s and blog’s look, it plays a very significant role in making your blog and site successful, so you can install premium WordPress theme to change the default WordPress theme. You can get any type of premium WP theme as per your requirement and give your site or blog a perfect look. However, you can also get lots of free themes from WordPress itself.

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Fifth: Add Your Categories

One of the excellent features of WordPress is its capability to organize your content into categories. WordPress comes with default category that is known as uncategorized. You need to change that default categories to something very relevant to your websites and also have to add some additional categories and have to set a default category.

But don’t forget to noindex and nofollow to category pages and tags because it prevent search engine to show a same page as a duplicate.

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Sixth: Avoid Google Indexing the WP Core Files & Scripts

Remember that Google and most popular search engines like Yahoo, Bing, etc. can easily crawl and index your WordPress theme files and scripts. They can’t read scripts and don’t want to read unnecessary files. To repair with this problem, you can create and open robots.txt file from root of the WordPress and can add below mentioned code:

User-agent: *

Disallow: /wp-admin/

Disallow: /wp-includes/

Disallow: /wp-content/themes/

Disallow: /wp-content/plugins/

* * *

So, these are most important 6 things that every WordPress installer should follow after installing WordPress. To make their website and blog run smoothly, they can give importance to these things and follow them very carefully.

Author Bio:
Joseph Herb is one of the core WordPress experts of Perception System’s WP dev team. PS is leading WordPress development company that delivers end-to-end hire WordPress developers service. Joseph believes in offering an excellent quality WordPress services that meet his clients’ requirements. You can get in touch with him through Twitter.

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