Why should web designers opt for Reseller Hosting?

If you run a web design company of your own or you are a freelance web designer with handful of regular customers, chances are you might be aware of what Reseller Hosting is and how it can add to growth of your business.

Reseller Hosting

For those who aren’t well versed with it, what exactly is Reseller Hosting?

In Web Hosting terminologies, Reseller Hosting is a type of web hosting service wherein the ‘reseller’ or the account owner breaks up the hosting account into multiple small parts and allocates or ‘sells’ these to his end user customers at a profit. For the end user customers, the reseller acts as a hosting provider as the service including name-servers and control panel can be white labeled and then sold.

Reseller web hosting has become popular due to its various advantages, one of them being the low upfront costs. This affordability of costs has led to its popularity amongst webmasters, startups and web designers alike.

So how exactly can reseller web hosting benefit web designers and help flourish their business?

Additional Income – With affordability in terms of costs and low risk involved, reseller hosting
is a popular choice among web designers not only because of custom branding but also as an extra income avenue. Web designers can sell hosting to their customers with newly designed, about to launch websites in order to go live. With a ready list of prospects for web hosting, this can double up as a good supplementary income stream.

Bundled Solution – Web Design companies can bundle web design, domain registration and web hosting services together to offer an all inclusive solution to customers. This is mighty convenient for customers who prefer a one stop solution for everything and don’t prefer running pillar to post for each component. The customers can in-turn channelize their time and efforts towards setting up the new business.

Free Web Hosting – In order to gain an edge over competition, and to attract more customers, web designers can offer first year web hosting free for the new website as an incentive. Thanks to its sheer affordability, a Reseller Hosting package will not shoot up the overall expenditure of the web design agency or freelancer by much. From the customer perspective, it’s a nice little freebie to make their new website experience more pleasant.

Recurring Income & Business – Providing web hosting service to web design customers generates opportunities to earn recurring income and get new business from the same set of customers. Recurring income from web hosting service if they decide to sell it as a separate service, and new business assurance in future as the clients are more likely to come back to them for maintaining or updating their websites which means more income for the web design company/freelancer.

Ease of use – Reseller hosting offers each end user with their own isolated hosting environment with cPanel control panel. This allows web designers to host each customer website separately on their own account and manage their resource allocation through WHM. Until the customer website goes live, all pages require a hosting environment for testing and integration check. In such a scenario, reseller hosting works out to be much cheaper than getting a separate shared hosting account for each customer site.

Many web designers successfully run a bundled web services business this way. The risk can be minimized in the beginning by starting out with the smallest reseller package and gradually progress all the way up to a dedicated server with increase in client base.

Author Bio: Steve Francis is a dynamic sales professional associated with MilesWeb Reseller hosting. Along with sales he has years of experience in content marketing and digital marketing.

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