Make your business cards more interesting

In a world saturated with cheap online business cards, how can you make yours more interesting? Add a touch of colour to the edges. By simply adding a coloured edge to your business card, you can turn the ordinary into something striking and worth holding on to.

There are a lot of online printers that will charge you the earth to add colour edges by bonding a coloured sheet into the middle of two white sheets which are then printed and trimmed to size. This in some cases can cost the high hundreds ££!

Thankfully, with a little imagination and 30 minutes of your time, there is a far cheaper way! Just edge paint them. Edge painting is not only cheap, it also produces a bolder coloured edge!

Business Cards

How to edge paint your business card:

Take an inch and a half of stacked business cards and place them under a weight. Make sure they are all evenly position with no cards sticking out at the edges! This part is very important. A few seconds of patience can make a big BIG difference to the final finish!

Business Cards Pressed

Purchase some acrylic paint from your local Hobbycraft or similar. Mix with 50% rubbing alcohol. Distilled water would also do the trick.

Acryllic paint

Lightly apply with a foam brush (available on ebay for pennies!). We find a light dabbing motion works best. Be sure not to push too hard otherwise you will force it between the cards.

Brushes on eBay

I’d recommend 2-3 coats for a nice even finish. After approximately 30 minutes, once the cards are dry to the touch, separate the business cards. Leaving them in a staggered pile for another hour or so should be long enough. Now dazzle your clients with your stylish new coloured edge business cards!

Author Bio: Chris Cork is a director of an online printing service Mangoprint  which specialises in servicing the London area for same day printing. He also has a strong hobby in Photography, his facebook page is here.

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