Enhance Your eCommerce Store Efficiency With 6 Popular Magento Extensions

Magento Extensions

Magento has surpassed all the quality standards to become one of the best platforms for online web development. If you have been looking to build an authoritative brand on the web, the Magento platform could prove to be a big part in catering your needs.

Magento has been designed to deliver exceptional results, and a number of developers around the globe trust its efficiency. There are various web developers and business owners who are now using several features provide by this platform to customize their store according to the needs of their business. The top quality features of this platform, convenient user interface aids the creation of a fully functional, flexible, and a well controlled web based store. However, if you have been looking to enhance the performance and add more functionality, the following 5 extensions may prove to be very helpful.

OneStepCheckout Extension

It is strongly suggested by conversion rate optimization experts that friction is one of the key factors in decreasing the conversion rate. In the retail world, this means that you want the whole process from the desire to buy a product to the process where the customers actually buy your product to be as smooth as possible. The OneStepCheckout process does this by letting the customer go through the entire checkout process from the same screen.

Mouseover Zoom Extension

The Mouseover Zoom Magento Extension offers one of the best ways to customize the functionality of the store. On using this extension, the regular image gallery of MagentoeCommerce solution will be taken over by cloudZoom widget. Thus, when a customer will be navigating on your online store, he will be able to hover over the images of the product and bring up the zoom view instead of using the controls.

Banner Slider Magento Extension

This is one more extension that could be used to enhance the working of your online store. The Banner Slider Magento Extension is considered one of the best marketing tools that creates and displays unlimited sliders on the website. On adding this extension, the performance of the store will shift to an advanced level, generating more interest amongst the buyers to buy the product.

Social Login for Magento

Just like OneStepCheckout, the Social Login will also help in making the whole process a lot more simple for the buyers. Generally, the users may face numerous problems when they are creating a new account for shopping. They may desire for a simple and quick checkout process to buy a product. However, this extension will use social accounts for the sign-up process and will gather all the information with all the proficiency.

Yotpo Extension

Reviews are one of the most vital factors that helps in alluring the customers to buy the products from your online store. Yotpo helps you in getting valuable reviews from your customers, so that the product pages don’t miss on the vital reviews and customer feedback. You could set up the account so Yotpo could email customers a certain time period after an item is purchased by them and request a review on your behalf. The best part is that the customer could submit the review right from their inbox.

Zendesk extension

Zendesk is a popular customer support extension that helps in managing the diverse issues of the customers. This extension will make it easy for the customers who want to ask their queries, and various issues by creating tickets right from the store. Customer satisfaction is quite important for the growth of any business, and this extension could sure help in acquiring complete support with all the efficiency.


These are some of the extensions that could supercharge the Magento designed store. As compared to the other platforms, the magento ecommerce solution has proved itself to be very reliable and effective. In addition to supporting various extensions, it also provides great features of high quality to cater to the business needs.

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