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50 Premium Medical Themes: WordPress vs Joomla

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ShareWhen we’re looking for an appropriate template to create a medical website, one might think of different qualities it should have, but the key ones remain the same. The given top 50 medical templates have all the necessary features and … Continue reading

5 of the Best Free Android Apps for Graphic Designers

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While you may have happily invested a small fortune in high-powered computers and big ol’ screens for your graphic design studio or workstation, you may still be reluctant to shell-out extra for mobile design apps. But things don’t have to be this way. There is now an ever increasing range of free design apps for Android that will compliment your stationary work environment, on the move. Here we review some of the best design apps. Continue reading

Create a Beautiful CSS Button for Print – Tutorial

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Button designs are important parts of a website’s design. Buttons are the main point of entry for users, and should be attractive and inviting both on page and on paper. In order to assure the success of your website, I would recommend printing the designs and assessing their quality on paper – as many of your website’s users might print out something from your website for a variety of reasons. This article illustrates a relevant example providing readers with a nice button design in CSS. Continue reading

How to Build Your Design Brand using Social Media

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Being a designer is not just about having the talent, drive and perseverance for success, but also about utilizing the right social media tools to make sure that your designs have the best chance to become known. This article will take a look at the major ways ideas spread through social media, and the tools you should be employing as an artist or a designer to continue down the road of success. Continue reading

Take on Board Free Printable Templates for Prototyping

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To save your time and money we’ve collected for you this useful set of free printable templates for web design prototyping as well as for mobile wireframing. Continue reading

Simply Run Your Website with Free Site Builders

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If you need to create a website, but not proficient in programming, we suggest you the most optimal way presenting this wonderful set of free website builders which help you to maintain your web project without any special technical skills. Continue reading

CSS Timesavers for Web Designers

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Take into use these great CSS timesavers which will simplify your work and save your time and energy dealing with CSS technique. Continue reading

Weird and Funny Photoshop Disasters That Will Surprise You

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Keeping you in a good mood, we prepared for you this multivalued set of weird and funny Photoshop fails which will definitely surprise you. Continue reading

New Kid on the Block: jQuery Website Tour Plugins

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In this blog entry we are sharing with you really useful and handy jQuery stuff which includes website tour, help and instructional plugins. Continue reading

Review of The Best Examples of Facebook Covers

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Have a look at this wonderful collection of the best examples of Facebook covers that differ by their unusual themes and styles. Continue reading