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The Best Marketing Infographics Created in 2012

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The blog post features the most beautiful and informative marketing infographics designed in 2012. They are visually attractive, simple and enjoyable to study. Continue reading

May Santa Deliver Peace and Love Right to Your Door…

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The blog post is a Christmas greeting to all the readers. It also contains a brief info on the promo, allowing to save up to 40% on Web Templates and eCommerce templates buying them in a bulk. Continue reading

Free jQuery Mobile Tutorials. Complicated Things Explained in Simple Words

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Here you will find a collection of free jQuery Mobile tutorials highlighting different aspects of software framework application for web applications development. Continue reading

Newsletter Optimizing Tips to Make Your Marketing Campaign Work

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These easy newsletter testing steps increase the probability of your commercial e-mails opening, which results in higher conversion rates and successful marketing campaigns. Continue reading

Boost Your Career. Free Computer Programming Online Courses

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The blog post features some efficient free online courses relative to programming carried out by popular universities, colleges and web development companies where you can improve your skills without any distraction from everyday schedule. Continue reading

e-Commerce Website Redesign – Priorities that Increase Conversions and Customer’s Loyalty

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This article talks about the various priorities that a designer needs to take stock of, while redesigning a website. It takes into consideration those aspects of website design that will allow the redesign to improve conversions and customers. Continue reading

6 Tips for Conceptualizing a Mobile App – Success is a Result of Focused Thinking

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If you want to develop a successful app, then effective conceptualization is an absolute must. This article offers a look into six tips that help the makers of a mobile app, freeze on a concept that will help develop a hugely effective and successful app. Continue reading

Windows 8 Usability: Is it Possible to Merge Web and Desktop Standards?

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The article touches some weak and strong points of Windows 8 interface usability and the innovative Microsoft’s attempt to combine web and desktop design standards. Continue reading

Free Skeuomorphic Photoshop Goodies for Affectionate Design

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These free skeuomorphic Photoshop goodies will help to create a welcoming user-friendly design inheriting your personal style and arousing positive emotions and reactions from the users’ side. Continue reading

Web Technologies Podcasts Making You Catch Every Word

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Theme podcasts are not only the mean of self expression, but also a valuable source of information. The blog post offers you a collection of web technologies podcasts presenting the material in easy and entertaining way. Continue reading