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WordPress 3.6 – Six Useful Hacks that You Still Need

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If you are one of the WordPress fans, this blog post is for you as these six useful WordPress 3.6 hacks, listed here will definitely make your life easier. Continue reading

Make Casting Director Go: “Awww” – Simple Showreel Tips

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The entry contains simple tips on how to make your showreel second to none and get the job you want. You will also find some killing showreel examples which perfectly complement and illustrate the post. Continue reading

Free Vintage Posters – 30+ Pieces of Inspiration with a Sweet Tint of Nostalgia

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The blog post contains a compilation of 30+ free vintage posters, gathered for your fun and inspiration. They can really help if you are in the design dead end, try to look back and return your raison d’être. Continue reading

A Huge Giveaway from TemplateMonster… Are You a Lucky Beggar?

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The blog post tells about a great giveaway from TemplateMonster, lasting from September, 12 up to September 22, 2013 and including any product from TemplateMonster’s collection, 1 Year membership and 1 Year membership.
Continue reading

Fun and Unusual CAPTCHAs – Join Our “Bots Don’t Catch Jokes” Movement

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The blog post will tell you more about CAPTCHAs: their definition, application, selecting guides, etc. The entry contains examples of fun and unusual CAPTCHAs as well as useful tools, widgets and plugins to protect your website from spam. Continue reading

Top 20 Awesome Pinterest Boards with Photoshop Tutorials

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The blog post features top 20 Pinterest boards, where you can find awesome Photoshop Tutorials to improve your skills and learn some new smart tricks. Continue reading

Interactive Charts – When Words are Feeble, Use the Power of Images

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The blog post will acquaint you with types of interactive charts, tell you about the term in general and spheres of charts application in particular. Moreover, at the end of the blog post you’ll find a list of helpful tools, libraries, galleries and plugins for creation of your own interactive charts. Continue reading

Free Breadcrumb Navigation Elements – Give the Users an Easy Way to Backoff

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Here you will find some free breadcrumb navigation elements to incorporate into your website. This way your visitors would always know where they are and how to step back to the important information they have already passed. Continue reading

An In-Depth Look at Requirements Gathering and Analysis in Website Design

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The article reflects author’s thoughts and in depth look at requirements gathering and analysis in website design. It contains indisputable arguments on requirements gathering and analysis necessity during the process of creation a website meeting the needs of all involved parties. Continue reading

Top 20 Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials of 2013

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The article is a compilation of top 20 Free Adobe Illustrator Tutorials released in 2013. They will help you improve your skills and get more experience in web design field. Continue reading