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35 Creative iPhone Cases for Designers – Pimp Up Your Phone

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The entry contains 35 Creative iPhone Cases for Designers. Make your iPhone a unique artwork, stimulating and inspiring you during the working day. Continue reading

Negative Space Logos. Drawing Less – Telling More…

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The article showcases first-rate logos based on solid single color background. Their designs involve negative space to convey more complicated ideas using common set of tools and a bit of imagination. In short, it’s a showcase of awesome negative space logos. Continue reading

Need More Emphasis? Use Animated Typography (Giddy Examples & Free Fonts Included)

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The blog post covers the definition and process of animated typography creation. It features 20 mind blowing examples of kinetic typography. The article is finished by three absolutely free and marvelous animated fonts. Continue reading

Google Panda – Steps to Avoid its Negative Impact

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Google Panda was introduced by Google in February 2011 to help its searches to differentiate between top-quality and low quality sites. In general, Google Panda is Google’s search algorithm that flicks poor or irrelevant content and ensures high-quality content relevant to the user’s search term.  Continue reading

Superhero Posters – Weepy Stories in Past/Present Series

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The entry features Past/Present Series of Superhero Posters created by Californian artist Khoa Ho. Non standard approach of the developer lets the viewer penetrate into popular superheros’ stories, that consequently made them the adorable characters they are at present. Continue reading

Where to Get Basic UX Training? See Sites & Resources

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The article contains explanation on what user experience is together with helpful list of solid websites and resources where one can get basic and advanced UX training. Continue reading

Free e-Commerce Bootstrap Themes for Quick Start of Your Business

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The entry contains a collection of free e-commercial and business bootstrap templates for quick and easy start of your online store or business website. Continue reading

Web Design Trend: Why the One Page Layout is Effective

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The article highlights strong points of one page web design trend and shows some excellent examples of live websites, designed according to its principles. Continue reading

Designing Emails: Process and Inspiration

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This article is for those who still think emails are an important marketing channel and also for the unbelievers. If you follow a staged designing process for an email, described here, you would be able to create an efficient email newsletter in no time at all. Continue reading

Free Masonry WordPress Themes. Build Your Seamless Wall of Pictures

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Here you will find a bunch of free Masonry WordPress Themes to present photographer’s or designer’s picture gallery in trendy Pinterest style. Continue reading