Little, Miniature and Tiny Creations – Awesome Close Ups!

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That’s where world’s smallest art happens. Discover compelling miniature showcase with the range of magnificent tiny creations. Continue reading

Put The Light On! Original Lamp Designs.

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ShareThe aesthetics, creative ideas, unusual design solutions – all rolled into a lamp design. The lamp itself is not only a source of lighting, it can be used as a nice decorating element in the design of your apartments. It … Continue reading

Amazing Art Sculptures by Robert Bradford

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ShareIf you have some old stuff at your house, don’t be in a hurry to throw it away. It can come in handy as a nice stuff for your creative work. Sometimes even the most ordinary things can become a … Continue reading

Best Concept Car Designs from the Fabulous 50’s. Part II.

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ShareVintage car concepts have become rather popular today and that’s why we continue the series about retro cars from the fabulous 50’s. Today’s collection features the stunning items from that period that will take your breath away. These stunning vehicles … Continue reading

Latte Art – Charming Coffee Designs

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ShareLatte Art is a trend that has become popular several years ago. The secret is simple – you have to stir espresso and steamed milk creating charming surface pattern or even design. Coffee foam art requires great skills but results … Continue reading