Winter HDR Photos – Wonderland of Severe Frosts

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ShareCrisp and clear winter landscapes are really charming, especially when they are presented in HDR photos. These works exhibit all the wonders of this severe season in the mind-bending way and you can’t help admiring the deepness of the cold … Continue reading

Anfisa and Animals – Twisted Postcards from Russian Artists

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ShareWesterners sometimes say that Russian people have no sense of humour, but today’s post will break this theory into pieces. Of course, there is a certain difference between German, for example, and Russian humor, but still the last one turns … Continue reading

Free Windows 7 Abstract Wallpapers. Only Stunning Items!

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ShareHey guys, if you are looking for free windows 7 wallpapers that are rapidly becoming very popular, you have found the right place! Today we present the collection of amazing windows 7 abstract wallpapers for various tastes and we hope … Continue reading

Uncle’s Sam Posters – Tribute to Election Day

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ShareAccording to Wikipedia real Uncle Sam was Samuel Wilson (1766-1854) a meat-packer from Troy, New York. His packages were marked U.S. and he was known among the workmen as “Uncle Sam”. Nowadays this character personifies American government or even the … Continue reading

The Bat-Ball Collision: Odd and Queer Things Motivated by Baseball

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ShareBaseball, as the most evident part of the fabric of American culture, has the potential to draw thousands of fans worldwide. It is that epic overflowing with chances and possibilities that has the power to unite strangers. With the current … Continue reading

Illustrations by Cris De Lara and Their Vibrant Beauty

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ShareThe portfolio of this versatile artist is full of illustrations of children, fan art, comic books illustrations, cartoon images, portraits, caricatures, and, of course, our favorite pin-up. You can recognize her works among hundreds of others easily because they are … Continue reading

Bicycles Everywhere – Let's Ride!

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ShareBeing one of the greatest inventions of all times bicycle still remains (and hopefully will remain) extrememly popular all over the world. Needless to say how beautiful and brilliant this means of transportation is. Bicycles have become more than just … Continue reading

Roundup of Incredible Advertisements Posted at DesignFloat.

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ShareWhat can catch the customers’ attention better than the overwhelming advertisements that are a part of thought-out strategy of companies. Some companies try their best to create the spectacular ads themselves, the others find the creative advertising agencies, but these … Continue reading

Spectacular Collection of SteamPunk Posters

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ShareSteampunk is a trend of art where the technology and romance interweave in the harmonious unity and form the spectacular mystic reality. Steampunk aesthetics has gained wide popularity during the recent years and today we can find it in various … Continue reading

Movie Posters – Fascinating Examples and Modern Trends

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ShareBeing an eternal source of inspiration for years and years, movie posters continue spreading creative ideas nowadays. It is really interesting to observe how artists are mixing major techniques for creating more and more original artworks. Last decade was symbolized … Continue reading