7 Essential Elements of Exhibition Design

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If you are going to present your company, its products and services at the international or local exhibition, read these 7 rules. Believe us, they are essential for your success. Continue reading

Floating Furniture. Cool Design Illusions

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ShareContemporary designers offer us a great variety of furniture for all tastes. Today we can choose not only the ergonomic models, but also the original solutions for our apartments. Among millions of modern trends Floating Furniture is perhaps one of … Continue reading

Graffiti Furniture. Street Art in Your House

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ShareCan you imagine a street art as a part of your interior design? Walls of your bedroom in grunge paintings, graffiti all over the furniture surfaces, crazy installations – all these signs speak for the presence of street art trends … Continue reading

Christmas Decorations with Wonderful Holiday Spirit

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ShareChristmas decorations are the first signs of the forthcoming holiday season. The tradition of decorating houses and everything around is quite old, but it is still so popular all over the world. It helps to spread the festive atmosphere throughout … Continue reading

Retro Fun: Legendary Googie Style in Interior Design

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ShareLet’s pay tribute once again to the awesome googie style that apart from all has been successfully moulded into the interior design to accentuate amazing curves and recreate the hip atmosphere of populuxe aesthetics with a modern edge. We are … Continue reading