GraphicStock: Reviewing Avalon of the High-Quality Visual Content

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The article reviews one of the best stocks o the web called GraphicStock. Continue reading

Adobe Creative Suite Got Rebranded and Introduced Creative Cloud

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Interested to know the future of Creative Suite check out the blog post about rebranding of Adobe’s product. Continue reading

Designing for Windows 8 – What You Need to Know!

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Everything you need to know about designing for Windows 8. Continue reading

The Coming of Bootstrap 3?

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Bootstrap framework is pretty close to it’s final release. Stay tuned for not miss the official release. Continue reading

Marketing Evolution Theory Explained

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The blog post is dedicated to the history of marketing theory. Delve into the history of one of the most embracing human activities. Continue reading

3 Tips to Optimize Your Rebranding Strategy to Perfection

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Need to adapt products to a changing market and new demographics? Time for rebranding. Continue reading

Where Do You Go to Get Your Code? The Top 5 Snippet Websites for Web Developers

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DesignFloat proudly presents the top 5 websites that will help you with valuable code snippets for web development. Continue reading

5 of the Best Free Android Apps for Graphic Designers

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While you may have happily invested a small fortune in high-powered computers and big ol’ screens for your graphic design studio or workstation, you may still be reluctant to shell-out extra for mobile design apps. But things don’t have to be this way. There is now an ever increasing range of free design apps for Android that will compliment your stationary work environment, on the move. Here we review some of the best design apps. Continue reading

TemplateMonster Launches Jigoshop Themes

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The entry announces Jigoshop themes launch, highlights their exceptional features and showcases first five ready-made online stores for different business projects. Continue reading

Adobe Edge Web Fonts – a New Place for Free Quality Fonts

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ShareDevelopers from all over the world contribute by grains into the endless process of web enhancement. Due to their efforts our everyday visits to the net are so comfortable, pleasant and resultant. No one can deny the fact that open … Continue reading