14 Common Link Building Faults to Avoid

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Share Backlinks are considered one of the most highly rated aspect of Google’s algorithm to calculate page rankings for a user’s search query. This has placed enormous stress on SEO services to provide webpages services to increase their rankings. They … Continue reading

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog or Website Today

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Share As you probably know, the Web has quite a competitive landscape these days. Every niche has thousands of blogs and websites competing for the same visitors. If you want to get a piece of that pie, you need to … Continue reading

Ways to Create Login Popup Feature in Website Using CSS

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ShareThe most ordinary features of websites are log-in forms and registration. As your clients and users are not much fond of loading pages, the web experts are coming across identifying forms along with Javascript and spreading them on the web … Continue reading

Make your business cards more interesting

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ShareIn a world saturated with cheap online business cards, how can you make yours more interesting? Add a touch of colour to the edges. By simply adding a coloured edge to your business card, you can turn the ordinary into … Continue reading

Best WordPress functions – To Start WordPress Theme Development

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ShareWordPress themes come in default and are also developed with new implementations. Before using these themes one must know everything about WordPress functions that go on to develop the themes. There are a wide range of functionalities that need to … Continue reading

4 Web Design Elements That Help You Sell the Products on Your Online Store

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ShareAll eCommerce store owners know sales are the key to business growth. The best way to increase sales for your store is to have the right marketing strategies. There are basically two key elements of online marketing. The first is … Continue reading

The Touch Screen Revolution – 4 Lessons to Mould your Mobile Web Designs and Learn for Better Mobile UX

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The author shares 4 quick and simple, yet very useful lessons on how to make a mobile, touch screen UX better. Check if your mobile website designs fit these criteria and make the appropriate amendments if necessary. Continue reading

10 Ultimate Steps to Consider After Installing WordPress

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The blog post features 10 essential steps you should take after installing WordPress. When you finish, your blog will become more professional, get more email subscribers, secure and target prospective audience, etc. Continue reading

How to Setup and Optimize Image-based WordPress Blog

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This article is a kind of guide on how to set up your image-based (photographer’s or designer’s portfolio) WordPress blog/website and then optimize it with the help of plugins. Continue reading

Put a Simple Movement on Your Website: 10 SVG Animation Tutorials

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The article represents a digest of 10 SVG animation tutorials. Continue reading