12 Key Elements for a Perfect Landing Page That Converts

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ShareYou’re getting a lot of visitors to reach your landing page, but you’re just not making enough sales. What could be the reason for this? It’s highly likely that the page design isn’t compelling enough to convert people into paying … Continue reading

10 Simple Ways to Improve Your Blog or Website Today

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Share As you probably know, the Web has quite a competitive landscape these days. Every niche has thousands of blogs and websites competing for the same visitors. If you want to get a piece of that pie, you need to … Continue reading

Great Design that does not Hurt Your PPC Efforts

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ShareEffort optimization and cost optimization have become the two buzzwords for any PPC marketers today. To them, every dollar spent on a client’s project counts and every wasted click-through (CTR) could bepotential but a missed business opportunity. Managing Pay per … Continue reading

Significance Of A UX Design For An Application

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ShareWould you like to visit a site with which once you have experienced a poor user experience? Of course, no. This clearly shows how imperative it is to implement a UX design that can ensure an absolute mobile user experience. … Continue reading

5 Tips to Design Popups Your Customers Will Love

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SharePopups are an incredibly effective way to boost conversion and customer retention on your eCommerce website. According to Conversific.com 30% of the Top 1000 US ecommerce sites use popups – 22% are using entry popups, 14% are using exit popups, … Continue reading

How to Design for Specific Audience

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Share Image credit One look at any of these 20 examples of bad design would lead you to believe that good web design isn’t as ubiquitous as it’s meant to be. With 2014 fast giving way to another year, you’d … Continue reading

4 Web Design Elements That Help You Sell the Products on Your Online Store

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ShareAll eCommerce store owners know sales are the key to business growth. The best way to increase sales for your store is to have the right marketing strategies. There are basically two key elements of online marketing. The first is … Continue reading

Fuel Your WP Site With Nifty Features Of Jetpack 3.1 Plugin – Mother Of All Plugins

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Share If you are not using wordpress.com and admire its befitted features, here is a plugin for you that can provide you altogether the nifty features of both wordpress.org and wordpress.com, and it is named as Jetpack. Thus, whether you … Continue reading

6 Rapid Ways to Speed-up Your WordPress Website

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Six easy ways to make your WordPress site a bit faster. Continue reading

Improve Your Theme’s Performance With jsDelivr

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jsDelivr is a free and open-source content distribution network for hosting JavaScript libraries, JQuery plugins, and much more.
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