Top 10 Must Use Software for Designers

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ShareThe design industry is very wide with different types of and kinds of designers all busy creating master pieces in their own fields. And there are a lot of creative fields out there that are highly used and in demand. … Continue reading

Infographic Videos – the Advanced Method of Data Presentation

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The article includes 16 infographic videos related to web design and development. These motion infographics combine all benefits of static and animated ones boosted by impressive effect of video presentation. Continue reading

‘Making of’ Videos Compiled

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The entry contains a compilation of videos showing how different things are made. Merchants can use the strategy of revealing their product manufacturing secrets to lift customer’s interest and boost the sales. Continue reading

Mayeul Akpovi, the Timelapser. Art Video for Eyes and Soul

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The article presents Mayeul Akpovi, the time-lapse photographer from France, and his brilliant works about Paris. Continue reading

Web Technologies Podcasts Making You Catch Every Word

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Theme podcasts are not only the mean of self expression, but also a valuable source of information. The blog post offers you a collection of web technologies podcasts presenting the material in easy and entertaining way. Continue reading

Adobe Edge Tutorials. Animate with Ease!

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Check out a bunch of Adobe Edge tutorials and get started with this powerful tool! Continue reading

The Beauty of Text in Motion – 10 Awesome Typography Videos

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Check out our showcase of 10 Awesome Typography Videos to get more typography inspiration. Continue reading

World in Time Lapse Videos – Second Best to Reality!

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ShareOur dynamic universe is full of sluggish spectacles that could simply blow your mind. Yet what do allow us to accelerate nature events are time lapse creations. These sequences, being captured over a long course of time and then played … Continue reading

Graphic-Based Car Video Ads

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ShareI’m sure that you like to watch original and unique commercials that bring us more than just information about products or services, these masterpieces bring us satisfaction and aesthetics. Today we’ve chosen car video ads that were made up by … Continue reading

Rolling Shutter Technique to Exhibit Amazing Image Distortions

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ShareOk, today’s effect has nothing to do with Photoshop tricks – it is an amazing and absolutely unbelievable rolling shutter technique that can bewilder an average photo and video enthusiast. This technology is actually widespread enough, ‘cause we see more … Continue reading