Taking the Veil Off the Arabic Web

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The blog post covers some cultural peculiarities characteristic for Arabic speaking community and gives several guidelines, necessary to consider when designing for Arab world. Continue reading

The Coming of Bootstrap 3?

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Bootstrap framework is pretty close to it’s final release. Stay tuned for not miss the official release. Continue reading

Creative Parallax Scrolling

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ShareParallax scrolling is a technique used in computer graphics that creates an illusion of depth in the 2D image. Essentially, the background scrolls by more slowly than the foreground does, mimicking the way things which are far away seem to … Continue reading

Cool Functionality of Scandinavian Style in Web Design

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The blog post highlights characteristic features and guiding principles of Scandinavian style in web design and provides a collection of beautiful functional websites created with their consideration. Continue reading

The Importance of Boring Text Liquidation: Some Examples of Modern Typography Design Trends

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ShareIf you’re a dinosaur of the internet, you have to know about the total inanimateness of oldschool web sites. And it’s fair enough to say that they strike in one’s eyes with extremely monotonic and regular fonts (I believe even … Continue reading