Posters of Oscar Winning Movies

It has become a good tradition on our blog to gather movie posters having something special in their design for our readers delight and inspiration. We are not going to break it this time either, but decided to change the rules a little bit in order to avoid repetition. Today you’ll see the posters of Oscar winning movies. Do you follow these annual ceremonies? Just agree that when a movie wins the Oscar it automatically becomes more popular among the viewers. Everybody wants to know what is so special about it.

Would you like to know a little more about the ceremony itself?

We hope it will be interesting for some curious nerds. In fact, the Oscars or the Academy Awards is an American awards ceremony carried out every year. It honors the most outstanding achievements in the film industry. The winners become happy owners of the Academy Award of Merit, a statuette known by everybody as Oscar (its nickname).

The first awards were presented in 1929 and televised in 1953. At present, the Oscars is seen live in more than 200 countries. It can be called the oldest entertainment awards ceremony. The Emmy Awards is Oscar’s equivalent for television, the Tony Awards for theater, and the Grammy Awards for music and recording.

Did you see the latest 86th Academy Awards? They were held on March 2, 2014, at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

As of the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony held in 2011, a total of 2,894 Oscars have been given for 1,853 awards. The first Best Actor awarded was Emil Jannings, for his performances in “The Last Command” and “The Way of All Flesh”.

And what about the Oscar statuette?

oscar winning movie posters
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10 Reasons to Upgrade to Dynamics CRM 2013

We all know that Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables businesses to manage customers whilst automating their sales processes. Dynamics CRM also helps in identifying the customer’s buying trends and building rapport with potential customers. For years, Microsoft Dynamics CRM has upgraded to become better and more effective. The most recent release of Dynamics CRM was out in the month of October 2013 which is named as Dynamics CRM 2013.

Dynamics CRM 2013 features tons of enhancements. It has been made more suitable for enterprise-level organizations requiring huge database customization. It is also made more effective for the businesses who want to be up and running with their CRM within a couple of days. It’s more sensational in that, it has undergone huge enhancements on the UI front and has become more compatible to ever-changing business requirements.
However, we see companies are still stuck with their old Dynamics CRM and are far from realizing the wonders of this compelling Dynamics CRM 2013. If you want to find more strong reasons to go for it, here are top 10 reasons that definitely make sense to go for upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013:

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Best J2ME Tools for Mobile App Development or 6 Sure Fire J2ME Tools for your Mobile App Development

Today, mobile technologies and platforms like Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and more are heating up the mobile app development. While technology giants like Google and Apple are diving more deeply into the mobile app development, Sun Microsystem is also not behind in the race!

J2ME: a popular venture of Sun in the mobile development market

Sun has also recognized that “one size doesn’t fit all” and thus, introduced J2ME (Java 2 Platform Micro Edition) for small devices and to standardize the use of Java technology in wireless mobile devices. Today, J2ME is quite popular when it comes to mobile app development. There are many popular companies or brands like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, BlackBerry, Motorola etc. use J2ME.

What makes J2Me popular?

One of the major reasons why J2ME is popular for mobile application development is its cross-platform compatibility. It is also more secure and scalable than any other mobile application development platform available in the market. It also enables the mobile users to leverage from seamless user interfaces, out-of-the-box navigation and enhanced networking abilities.

Power of J2ME and its Development Tools:

Of course, Java mobile development is rapidly becoming popular among the businesses and developers across the globe due to the benefits offered by it. However, another thing that is making J2ME more decent for the mobile app development is a huge number of good development tools. When it comes to J2ME mobile app development, developers have plenty of options that can help developers more productive. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular J2ME tools that developers can use for mobile app development.

JBuilder: Borland JBuilder is one of the well-known IDE that is available in 3 different versions, such as Personal, Standard and Enterprise. One of the major features of JBuilder is that no matter what kind of version you’re using, you can run it on any platform including Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X.

Best J2ME Tools for Mobile App Development
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Discovered: 5 Hottest Website Design Trends to Follow In the Year 2014

Another great year passed away, and it won’t be over saying that the year 2013 introduced a lot of innovations and advancements in the web design industry! Starting from flat colors, responsive design, app style interfaces, UX centered designs to the unification of the desktop and mobile devices into a single version, there were lots of web design trends spotted last year.

With the farewell of 2013, 2014 has already started knocking the doors of designers. So, it is again time for web designers to sharpen their designing skills for the coming years! With the proliferation of mobile devices and ever transforming designing technologies, it has become critical for the designers know about the upcoming designing trends to be able to create websites with outstanding and unique layouts.

With this thought in mind, today we’re going to take a sneak-peak of top 5 website design trends in the year 2014. So, without wasting time, let’s start exploring what website designing trends are coming!

Hottest Website Design Trends 2014

Grid-style layouts are going to rule!

If you’ve observed social news feeds, you will find that most of the social news feeds are in “Grids” pattern. Even the popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest are introducing timeline updates in the form of grids. One of the main reasons why Grid style layouts will rock the design world is the “user experience”. With the thumbnail images or catchy text, you can easily transform your website’s look ‘n’ feel of your website!
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7 Essential Elements of Exhibition Design

Exhibition design transcends being just an advertisement for a company, but aspires to be something more akin to artistic endeavor.  Within the design and implementation of exhibition stands there are a host of potential restrictions, such as size and space, guidelines from event organizers or brands, as well as the time and logistical restrictions of transporting and assembling exhibitions.  But the restrictions don’t have to hamper the creativity, merely giving it a form made from well-tested and constantly evolving elements of exhibition design that even the finest exhibition companies follow for success.

Making the Most of a Space

The first decision to make is how best to utilize the space, informing both the size and shape of your exhibition design.  The location within the exhibition can have a massive impact: the design of an exhibition in a corner location and one right in the middle of an open space will considerably differ.  Once a company has complete knowledge of the space limitations, an exhibition stand can be created to fit perfectly, ensuring a unique and innovative design specific to its location.

Which Type of Stand?

Again, the type of stand used by a company is informed by restrictions.  Furthermore, space and location come into consideration, but more prominently, factors such as the client, their budget and creative direction will come into effect.  The larger the brand and budget, the more likely a design is to be custom made, whereas smaller budget brands are more inclined to favour a minimalistic design.  

Essential Elements of Exhibition Design
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Unspoken Benefits of Hiring a Microsoft Certified Partner Company for Your Application Development

We all are aware about how popular the Microsoft development market is. One of the main reasons behind such popularity of development on the Microsoft platform is because the technologies and frameworks provided by Microsoft provide more scalability, functionality and robustness. Besides, Microsoft technologies are recognized and accepted by a millions of companies for a variety of development requirements. These companies often to fulfil their requirements outsource their development projects to offshore outsourcing companies which offer services in Microsoft technologies at the lowest possible rates. However, not all the businesses or organizations manage to achieve the desired results by outsourcing their Microsoft development requirements, and that’s where the importance of the Microsoft Certified Partner Company comes into the picture.

The Microsoft Certified Partner accreditation represents the acknowledgment from Microsoft towards the professional IT service provider companies having proven track record of creating software applications, for desktops and web on Microsoft technologies. Moreover, it highlights the high quality standards and reliability of the applications developed by the MCP Company.

Okay, but what are the benefits of hiring a Microsoft Certified Partner Company? Let’s take a look at the
reasons why to hire an MCP company for your development needs on Microsoft.

1. Professional & Certified Services:

Hiring Microsoft Certified Company for Application Development

Hiring an MCP company helps you leverage from a wide range of professional certified services. MCP status clearly indicates that the service provider you are hiring has a deep understanding of the services like web development, application development, application migration, etc. on a series of Microsoft platform. Moreover, the certification also confirms that their services and solutions are professional and reliable and are fully equipped to provide consultation, implementation and technical support for a range of Microsoft solutions.

2. Proven and industry-wide experience:
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How to Choose the Best Website Template for Your Small Business

Choosing the Best Website Template for Small Business

How your website looks and interacts with surfers is the first battle to online success.

Your small business needs to be first recognized and easy to navigate so that customers and potential customers don’t feel overwhelmed with confusion regarding your products and services. That being said, choosing the best website template for your small business is paramount.

First of all, ask yourself what is your business about and what does it project? If you have a surfing company featuring the latest boards and gear then a template that expresses that is in order. One that allows for images of the ocean, perhaps photo graphics or cartoon graphics of surfers in prominent yet non obstructive position. Should your company be about Italian cuisine then a red/white/green motif with a picture of the Italian peninsula could be incorporated. Remember, when a person sees your website the image must impinge without disturbing or overwhelming the surfer. You want something attractive that establishes what the site is about and is easy to recall. Doing things right from the start like at Pop Paddleboards means you’ll have an easier task down the road.

Next, the template has to be functional across the board. It has to have the proper menu options so that surfers can gather more data about your business. A clear layout with a strong header graphic establishing your brand as well as smaller graphics that point to areas of the site you want the surfer to go to. The template should have the inner pages equally well designed and easy to link to the main page and additional data. Confusing menu options such as elaborate buttons and bars burns up valuable time for the surfer and can cause them to leave. You don’t want that. You want to capture and convert to sales and then after delivering the service you want the customer to boast how good you are via social networking.
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Corporate Branding: How to Add Value to a Brand

A Coca-Cola Executive once famously said, “If Coca-Cola were to lose all of its production-related assets in a disaster, the company would survive. By contrast, if all consumers were to have a sudden lapse of memory and forget everything related to Coca-Cola, the company would go out of business.” This sentiment, along with the overwhelming brand recognition of Coca-Cola in support, definitively shows just how important corporate branding can be to a product or company. The argument that it is as important as the product itself is compelling, with the idea that consumers consider the identity of a product over its quality posing a very feasible reality. Essentially, a brand is a set of associations that a person, or group of people, makes with company, service, product or individual. The benefits to corporate branding are numerous and well-proven, as the relationship between a strong brand identity and a loyal consumer is as strong as ever.

How to Add Value to a Brand

Brand Recognition

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The Top Ten HTML Editors to Simplify your Work

As it is rightly said ‘the HTML are designer’s best friends’. You must have read a lot about HTML tools but a few about HTML editors. While creating a website you may have often found difficulties in finding the right HTML editors. So to make things easier for you the blog post will showcase lists of the best HTML editors especially meant for professional web designers and developers.


Bluefish HTML editor is an application used to develop web pages and scripts. It edits the code that the web page ad script is created from. Programmers who have a sound knowledge of writing HTML and CCS code use Bluefish. They also use different modes to work with common scripting languages such as JavaScript and PHP. The main drive of Bluefish is to make coding easier in order to minimize errors. The versions of Bluefish are available for Mac OSX, Linux, Windows and other Unix-like platforms.

Top Ten HTML Editors

* * *

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10 Ultimate Steps to Consider After Installing WordPress

WordPress is an open-source content management system, which is very popular these days for developing website without having deep technical skills. This platform provides ease to everyone whether technical knowledge having developer or non-technical. Due to various reason, it has makes strong footprints in the entire marketplace like modules, themes, templates, plug-ins, fully customized features, etc. This CMS is fantastic for creating robust, functional, secure and scalable website. Due to the less development time using WordPress technology for building site, most of the business owners prefer this amazing PHP based platform.

There are millions of users working on WordPress and numerous tutorials are also available over the web to help you get started. But, the noticeable thing is that what happens after installing it? Through this post, we are going to share some essential steps that you should complete after installing WordPress. The completion of all steps/tasks help you make your blog more professional, get more email subscribers, secure and target prospective audience, etc.

10 Steps to Consider After Installing WordPress

Step 1: Modify the Default Admin Account
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