Spice up your Gmail: Themes from Google!

Google Mail has been my favorite mailbox one for the last 6 years. Mostly because it was pretty intriguing at the very beginning that you couldn’t register but should have been invited only and because it was the first provider offering the hugest space in you maibox for free and this space is constantly growing. I liked the fact that you don’t have to delete the old messages but can archive them. I love their spam protection and their advanced search.

New ad value impressive and refreshing features have been added all the time since Gmail launch. And today they made me stare at the screen with the only thought: WTF?! LOL! Today they’ve launched the Gmail Themes as I’ve just found out on their official blog here.

Great stuff guys! Keep up the good work!

Now, changing your theme is very easy (like all the other smart things from Google). Login to your Gmail account, choose setting and choose Themes. Here’s the pic you should see.

Gmail Themes

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Chocolate Ads: Fun and Smart

Chocolate is a sweet thing, loved by children and grown-ups. We’ve prepared a nice collection of ads related to chocolate in this or that way. Most of the ads are for the chocolate actually, the rest use the concept of the chocolate as a sweet thing that we all love. Enjoy!

Masterfoods Bounty Chocolate: Back

Text on ad: Two pieces of paradise.

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Be Creative: New Vision: Satyendra PakhalГ©

Satyendra PakhalГ© is a talented designer living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.В  For some time he was working at Philips Design and thenin 1998 he set up his own design practice in Amsterdam. He’s working in the various areas- furniture design, objects, products, transportation. His main material is ceramics, glass and plastic.

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Be Creative:Be Stylish:Be Green

Holding a plate in one’s hands, its form, texture, ans case of use make the heart skip. It naturally elicits people’s smiles. WASARA is such a series of paper tableware.


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Non Branded McDonald's: WTF?

Some facts about food and McDonald’s.

- Every day about 25% of Americans have launch or dinner in the fast food restaurants.
- Every year McDonald’s hires 1 million people.
-В McDonald’s gives job to teenagers.
- Every week an average American eats 3 hamburgers and 4 fries.
- Every eights person working in US was once working in McDonald’s.
- McDonald’s spends more on advertising than any other brand in the world.
- About 96% of American children aged till 6 will recognize Ronald McDonalds. More famous is only Santa.
-В  McDonald’s is a place to bring children. There’s a playground in almost every restaurant.

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Modern Matryoshka Design


All of us might be more or less acquainted with the Russian Matryoshka, initially the toy invented at the end of the 19th century for the children and presently one of the popular traditional Russian souvenirs. First Matryoshkas were featuring Russian girls in their folk dresses ( there were no dolls in Russia at that time) and later on the painters started drawing holidays and different events.В  In the world of high technology there are still craftsmen that follow the tradition of Matryoshka design and painting but there are also new creators with the new approach.

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9 Simple Tips For Successful Emailing: Mass or Personal

No matterВ whether you are a huge company or just an all in one developer, from time to time all of us face the situation when we have to send a email to group of people, whether these are subscribers, potential customers, sponsors…whatever. When we have to email just one person that seems to be an easy task, but when we have to send something to a group- we usually get stuck. Why is that? Read More

Car Brands from A to Z

images.jpgCan you imagine your life without a car? Yeah, I mean it, I can call my car my best friend that’s with me in joy and sorrow. There are lots of car brands but I could never image how many there actually are … so we made this parade of car brands from A to Z.В  For some letters I could think only of one car brand, for others there are several and some letters are still vacant! So if you think of starting your own car business you can “rent”В  the letter that still vacant and be the first and probably the only one.

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Pentawards 2008: Best Packaging Design Competition

В pentawards.jpg

Pentawards is the first and the only one international competition devoted to packaging design. Anyone involved in packaging design can participate no matter what country you live in. This year they were judging designs from 2007 and usually one can apply for the competition from May to June. This year the works were presented by 700 participants from 39 countries and the battle for awards has been pretty bloody.

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Beer: Taste Or Marketing Course?

twelve-beer-bucket-gift-basket.jpgOne of my friends gave me the book yesterday, it’s a “Beer School: Bottling Success at the Brooklyn Brewery” by Steve Hindy and Tom Potter.  This is the book that inspired me for a post today. Have you ever thought why you like this or that beer? Whether it’s the taste itself that makes the beer popular and lovable or this is the marketing intrigue?

So I went to the website of Great American Beer Festival. This is the festival where they give awards for the taste not for the brand and you can participate there if you have a small pub with your own beer, restaurant, whatever but i was very interested to see how the small companies approach beer logo design nowadays. This year 46,000 attended and participated in this great event that took place in September. And of course, there are the winners in lots of categories (75 if to be exact) and you can check the full list here. I decided to check the logos of just a few winners and you can see them below.

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