Cool Green Style – St. Patty’s Day T-Shirts.

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and it is high time for the cheerful mood and good jokes. This blessed day is the greenest of the year and perhaps the most frolic.  Plenty of good jokes and green beer raise your mood and paint this day in bright colors. It is so pleasant to get into this holiday spirit and admire the greenish insanity everywhere! Only one day you can find everywhere a large variety of unique products that are created in the Irish style. This post features cute t-shirts for St. Patty’s Day that are produced in order to make St. Patrick’s Day even more memorable. Cool and green, they celebrate the Irish style and way of life. Hope, this collection will bring you the festive spring spirit of this day.  Let’s start!


St. Patty’s Day T-Shirts


St. Patty’s Day T-Shirts

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Weekly Roundup #1 – Best Design Float Posts

We thought that it would be great to start a tradition by summing up every week on Desig Float with the help of short roundup of best posts on DF. This is our first try so please be patient and don’t judge us too hard. So, here we go.

10+ Tools to Determine Your Website’s Rockstar Status

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Close to Nature – Amazing Houses in the Woods.

Your house is your castle, the cool intimate place where you can have a rest and escape the fuss of the day. It protects you from the outer world and gives the desired peace. In most cases its interior tells a lot about you and that is why you try to design its interior in all the details and make it exclusive. The comfort of your house depends not only on its architectural concept, but also on the atmosphere that you create in it. Anyways, its architecture plays a role.

Just imagine that your house is situated in the woods and the overall house’s exterior groups splendidly in the landscape. Such building is a combination of architectural art, innovative thinking and natural aesthetics.  For those who want to be in sync with nature such isolated houses with the comfy interior are the ultimate solutions that provide with the comfort and bring close to nature at the same time.

In this post you will find innovative architectural ideas of houses that are placed in the middle of the woods. Most of them feature non-standard and original ideas.


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Cars of the Future – Best Trike Designs

Trike is a three-wheeled vehicle. While tricycles are often associated with the small three-wheeled vehicles used by pre-school age children, they are also used by adults for a variety of purposes. Trikes and Motorcycle popularity and sales have flourished time and again since the first motorcycle was created in the late 1800′s.
You may have noticed that last few years were labeled with nice tradition to make original trike concepts. And we are glad to present small roundup of original Trike designs.

* * *

* * *

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Elephant Ads: Wise and Big

If you would ask a child what he knows about elephant, the answer would be: the elephant is big, the elephant is wise, it can be seen in the zoo. For the grown-ups I would only ad that the elephant also associates with nature protection. All the ads below are based on these several simple concepts which are obvious even for children. Some of the ads are funny, some ads make you think and others are just ads. Enjoy!

WWF: Elephant

Text on ad: Give a hand to wildlife.
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Friendly Flash Website? No Way!

Do you know why I hate flash websites? BECAUSE THEY ALWAYS LOAD FOR AGES! Photos in the photo galleries, portfolio of design studios – they all make me feel mad when I have to wait 15 seconds while the website is loading, then 5 seconds when the pop-ups with the texts are loading and then about 2-5 seconds for every image in portfolio! No, that’s not because I have slow connection that is because most of the flash websites are heavy and awful. Even when there’s some interesting animation it suddenly stops and then moves and then stops again… do you know what I mean?

Hey people, if you make something in flash make sure it’s fast. It took me several weeks and hundreds of various flash websites to prepare the small collection of websites you can see below. They are simply perfect so be sure to check them and I also described in brief what’s so great about them.В  Don’t let your website visitor leave just because you think that all flash websites work slow, the experience is completely different with the websites below.

Eco Zoo

I was amazed how quickly the website loads and it never showed any type of the preloader or anything when playing around. It’s a great interactive thing, drag the “tree” with your mouse up and down to see different characters, you can also rotate it with the mouse. Choose a book from the small pop-up of the character and you’ll be taken to a separate small charming website! Don’t forget to use your mouse there as well, you can rotate every scene. This is a real piece of flash art and papervision!

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Spice up your Gmail: Themes from Google!

Google Mail has been my favorite mailbox one for the last 6 years. Mostly because it was pretty intriguing at the very beginning that you couldn’t register but should have been invited only and because it was the first provider offering the hugest space in you maibox for free and this space is constantly growing. I liked the fact that you don’t have to delete the old messages but can archive them. I love their spam protection and their advanced search.

New ad value impressive and refreshing features have been added all the time since Gmail launch. And today they made me stare at the screen with the only thought: WTF?! LOL! Today they’ve launched the Gmail Themes as I’ve just found out on their official blog here.

Great stuff guys! Keep up the good work!

Now, changing your theme is very easy (like all the other smart things from Google). Login to your Gmail account, choose setting and choose Themes. Here’s the pic you should see.

Gmail Themes

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Chocolate Ads: Fun and Smart

Chocolate is a sweet thing, loved by children and grown-ups. We’ve prepared a nice collection of ads related to chocolate in this or that way. Most of the ads are for the chocolate actually, the rest use the concept of the chocolate as a sweet thing that we all love. Enjoy!

Masterfoods Bounty Chocolate: Back

Text on ad: Two pieces of paradise.

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Be Creative: New Vision: Satyendra PakhalГ©

Satyendra PakhalГ© is a talented designer living in Amsterdam, Netherlands.В  For some time he was working at Philips Design and thenin 1998 he set up his own design practice in Amsterdam. He’s working in the various areas- furniture design, objects, products, transportation. His main material is ceramics, glass and plastic.

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Be Creative:Be Stylish:Be Green

Holding a plate in one’s hands, its form, texture, ans case of use make the heart skip. It naturally elicits people’s smiles. WASARA is such a series of paper tableware.


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