A Wonderful Collection of Free Social Icon Sets

Social networks have stolen part of our life in a good sense. In the office and at home we stumble, float, digg the websites and pages that we like, we share them with our family, friends and ?olleagues. Website developers are trying to push their websites into this community in order to get more visitors, more readers, more clients. On every other website now that is not keeping to the old traditions of marketing you will find the icons of the most popular social networks. It’s obvious that the more people like your website the higher is the possibility they will share it with community, vote for it and leave a review. So why not surprise your website visitors even a bit more with the cool social icon. There was a buzz recently about lots of nice free icon sets available for web designer and web developers and we decided to bring the most popular of them into one place on Design Float. Enjoy it and let us know if you have something to add to this collection!

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DesignFloat is Looking For Unique Portfolios

Designers, illustrators, photographers, artists aim to stand out from the crowd with works they create but how they approach the development of their own website and especially their portfolio? Thinking about hundreds of websites that I see daily I can’t remember many that impressed me with their portfolios, I mean not with their works in portfolio but with portfolio as a separate organism itself.

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Logo Design for Olympic Games- Amatourish or Professional?

mishka1.jpgAbout 90% of the people on this Earth watch the Olympic games, something like a mass psychosis. I’m not much of a sports fan but I’m interested in all related to design so… Does anyone remember the logos of Olympic games, either in 1956 or in 2008? The distinctive feature of these logos- basically all of them have the same elements: Olympic rings, year, city and some specific symbol that is supposed to reflect the city, the country and its traditions.

Frankly speaking there are just a few Olympic logos that I like and none of them were designed in the last 20 years.В  So what’s the reason? Is it my personal perception and bad taste or logos are really amatourish? Olympic games is a huge event and though lots of money is spent on the logo design I have the feeling that logo developers and International Olympic Committee are the only one who know what was the idea to follow when designing a logo. I understand the lack of technology in the earlier years and the lack of social researches but what about now?

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WALL-E – Creation of a Lovable Robot


All of us might have seen the romantic film WALL-E- the simple love store story of the maintenance robot WALL- E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-class) the last one on the planet cleaning the earth from garbage and EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), a sleek, ergonomically advanced robotic probe whose main function is to locate plant life in order to determine whether the Earth is capable of supporting human life.


The director and screenwriter of this film is the famous Andrew Stanton (Toy Story, Finding Nemo, Ratatouille and the sound designer is the extraordinaire Ben Burtt (Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark). These two men have been responsible for some of the most loved creations in cinematic history including R2-D2, Nemo, Buzz Lightyear and Indiana Jones’ crack of the whip.

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Mad World of Mi-Zo

Bright decorations, dynamic and tough graphics, unexpected lightning, the great feeling of color and peculiar humor- all this is expressed in just 4 letters- “Mi-Zo”. In the amazing images created by Tokyo-based duo Mi-ZoВ  protography combines with graphics and collage technic. Japanese lady Minori MurakamiВ  has a diploma of Los Angeles Otis College of Art and Design while the Germain photographer Zoren Gold has studied the art himself.

They met occasionally in Los Angeles in 2000 and 2 years after that they moved to Tokyo where they create their works of art till now. Their special style became recognized after design of a music disk for the popular Japanese singer Ua. The first book of the Mi-Zo (“Object that Dreams”) was published in 2006 on Japanese and German. Among the clients of Mi-Zo we can noteВ  Canon, Dreamworks, Elle, EMI, Honda, Neo2, Nylon, Qvest,В  Sony Music, Style & The Family Tunes, Warner Bros.

You can find the fill collection of Mi-Zo works on their website at www.mi-zo.com


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Amazing Illustrations for a great mood and creativity

All the artists present their works in a different way. It rarely happens that a true creator doesn’t have his own style and copies the works of art by other designers.В  Today we tried to prepare a small collection of illustrations by different designers where you can obviously see how different they are.


Vince Fraser is a freelance digital illustrator/designer living in London with 10 years experience. He has worked for various clients including British Airwaves, PC World, BBC and T-mobile.



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Collection of Grape Logos- first on the web

I love grape, I really do. I was sitting at home eating grape after my morning cup of coffee thinking about infinity when it suddenly came to my mind, if Mac is using the apple as their logo, why wouldn’t some company use the grape as their one? Grape is not bad at all and definitely a more complicated thing than an apple if consider the number of circles in both these fruits. So I decided to make a small investigation.

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More of Nobuyoshi Araki

I can’t say that the photos below are typical for Nobuyoshi Araki photography, simply because there are no naked bodies. I love all of his works and that’s a bit sad that I can’t post most of them here because of their content. They are different, they are beautiful, they are passionate, they show you something that is not allowed.В  Many of his book were printed by Taschen and will definitely buy some of them for my own collection.


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Flowers by Nobuyoshi Araki

Born in 1940, Nobuyoshi Araki is arguably Japan’s greatest living photographer, and certainly its most controversial. His inexhaustible creative energy is attested to by the more than 300 books he has published in the last four decades, while his work, which often challenges social taboos surrounding sex and death, has drawn critical attention both at home and abroad.
Flowers by Nobuyoshi Araki, the naked beauty, the hint of sexuality, so tender so unprotected.

araki61.jpg araki60.jpg

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31 Russian websites that can inspire you

Today I would like to present you a collection of 31 Russian websites that can inspire you. For a long time during 1990s the countries of the former USSR were excluded from WWW world and it’s only lately that a separate community has been formed named Runet. All the designs have their special touch. The distinctive feature of every Russian design is its uniqueness. There are no standards, no precise definition of the styles and what’s most interesting- there are not many websites yet, so for every project there’s place for creativity.

Rupasov Igor Portfolio

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