Best Tumblr Photography Blogs with Beautiful Artistic Picks

We live in a wonderful era. Don’t you agree being deep in the conviction of life around? Okay, then let me prove it.

My main point is we have all the opportunities to show ourselves. Self-realization became so possible due to internet distribution, that the only obstacle can be only the personal preconception. Indeed, so many people don’t let themselves to be themselves having as reason some phantom beliefs far from reality. It’s obvious they are not interesting, so we won’t consider them in the current post.

Let pay our attention to those, who can and do. I want to concern photographer right now, because they have probably the best conditions to show their creativity on the web (if they have it). Clever people made resources to allow people to share their works. One of them is Tumblr. Of course, it’s not only about the photography, however sharing photos is a arterial activity on this blog system. There are a lot of skillful masters, and now I want you to share them. I believe this digest of the best Tumblr photography blogs will demonstrate how it’s easy to express yourself nowadays, and also help some people to ruin the barriers keeping the creative potential unborn.

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Ben and Zie

Best Tumblr Photography Blogs

Best Tumblr Photography Blogs
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30+ Best Free Photoshop PSD UI Kits to Structure the Chaotic Ocean

Designer is a wonderful profession. And the thing is not only in the interesting working process. I also consider that in our information era there are so many opportunities for designers to improve themselves – almost endlessly. You just need an access to internet – and then you are able to get useful info. Under it I mean not only some abstract knowledge, but also quite concrete content that can be used in your project. Yes, designing is more about combining than creating everything by yourself.

One of such thing I’m talking about is ready-to-use PSD UI kits. You can just google “Free PSDs” and watch a huge variety of possible offers. There’s no doubt it’s great we have such a freedom of choice. However one problem appears – you need to waste a lot of time to look through all those variants Google has given to you. But don’t worry. I am here to resolve this unpleasantness: I’ve already sorted the PSD’s. And below I’m glad to present the most appropriate of them for you to check. Admit that having the best free Photoshop PSD UI kits is much better than the chaotic ocean from Google.

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Red UI

Best Free Photoshop PSD UI Kits

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Responsive UI Kit

Best Free Photoshop PSD UI Kits
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Free Responsive HTML5 Templates for Any Type of Online Career

Short insight into HTML5

As you know, HTML5 is the fifth addition of HTML standard, a markup language used for structuring and presentation content on the www. Without any exaggeration HTML can be called a core technology of the Internet.

The developers aimed to improve HTML and make it compatible with all latest multimedia gadgets, users like so much, still keeping the language easily digestible either by people or computers and devices. HTML5 is an attempt to create a single markup language that can be written both in HTML and XHTML syntax. It’s a good option for cross-platform mobile applications. Lots of HTML5 features were built to be able to work well on low-powered devices like smartphones and tablets.

HTML5 offers many new important features and elements like video, audio, canvas, scalable vector graphics content and MathML for mathematical formulas integration. This extended functionality allows users handle multimedia and graphic content on the web without any specific plugins and APIs.

Other new elements were designed to enrich the semantic content of documents. New attributes were introduced while the outdated ones have been removed for the same purpose. Some elements were changed, revised or standardized. Now the APIs and Document Object Model (DOM) are fundamental parts of the HTML5 specification. Besides, HTML5 provides the required processing for invalid documents so that syntax errors are treated uniformly by all compliant browsers and other user agents.

What we’ve cooked for you

As you see, the developers worked hard on making HTML5 much better than its predecessors. Many coding junkies consider HTML5 the language of the future. If you are one of the HTML5 fans, who can’t boast an expert knowledge in the sphere, read on and get to know how you can benefit from this blog post.

Herein under we’ve gathered a vast collection of free responsive HTML5 templates for different purposes. You will find solitary ones as well as big bundles. In any case, they will make your way to online business or other kind of activity much shorter and easier. No matter what theme you are looking for, you’ll find it here, among these beautiful contemporary designs.

Sure enough, all templates inherited best HTML5 functional features, which will provide you simple customization and excellent look. Moreover, the themes are responsive, so they completely meet the requirements of our time, when even the most important things happen on the go. You can download a responsive HTML5 template you like absolutely free and start building your website or blog without any procrastination.

We wish you good luck in your initiative and a pleasant, effective browsing!

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Free Responsive HTML5 Templates

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Free Responsive HTML5 Templates

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Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme for Modern Classy Site

Have you ever thought that using a template for the site creation is a zero-risk undertaking? You get a goodie at no cost, polish it to achieve the desired look and get the site you need. Quality of the freebie is the point that matters here. We offer you only premium class goodies for free in our weekly series. Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme – the fresh ready-made theme for those who want to start a classy website.

If you want your clients to see creative and sleek design of your website, consider this theme.

What Makes this Free HTML5 Theme a Desired One?

- Well-structured and ordered layout. Wise separation of content emphasizing its essential parts makes it neatly arranged and readable.

- Good pick of colors. Header and footer are outlined and colored in blue, thus setting the tone of the theme. Headings and icons in the same blue color guide the visitors throughout the page.

- Well-executed navigation. You can be sure that future visitors will not have questions about how to get the desired information on your site. This theme shows explicitly the way to all its parts. Drop down menu, wise arrangement of content blocks, visual accents make users’ browsing comfortable.

- Easy tuning. Customization of this theme will not become your headache. Being well-coded by skillful guys, it will not take you extra time and efforts for being customized.

To see it in live action, follow the demo link below. Like this theme? Go ahead and click download button to get it.

view demo | get theme

Design Studio Free HTML5 Theme
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What comes first content or design: The argument continues

Gone are those primitive days of just making a pretty looking website and stuffing keywords in the website content. Those old days of placing jumbled Latin dummy text—within design wireframes are on the verge of extinction. Fast forward 2013, it is all about designing with a content-out approach. It is now important to integrate content creation into the web design and development processes from the word go and focus on content and only content in the beginning of any design process.

What comes first content or design

Content-first approach is less driven by design elements and more inclined towards the content and requirements of end users. But what has triggered this change? Think about the mobile revolution. People use the web differently today. They access net from zillions of different mobile devices available, and it is about time to start thinking of innovative ways of designing the web to accommodate changing user preferences.

Design-first approach: Fast fading trend?

The recent onslaught of Google algorithms has made it clear that the focus should be on user experience and unique content. Well, and this is not the end, content needs to be informative and high-quality also.

However, in the mad rush against time and sheer obsession to exceed client’s expectations, designers come up with quick-fix solutions and throw up hastily made templates without content directions that fails to inspire trust among users. It does not create any significant impact on the overall brand value either. Today’s savvy users are demanding meaningful content experience be it on website or mobile apps.

Once you realize your mistakes it is about time to start with the rectification process. Now begins the time-consuming and tedious process of going back and forth between clients, designers, writers, and developers. Unfortunately, people are not always in sync with changes and things don’t always fall in place and fit seamlessly. This backward approach could prove to be costly and often the end product is riddled with terrible coding and hotchpotch look.
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25 Reasons Why Your Website Design Falls Flat

Designing a website’s become a tough ask these days. Gone are the days when just about any kind of design worked; all it needed to be was to look different. But, today, website visitors have become more discerning about what they like and what they don’t like. This has made the job of designers more difficult and has also increased incidences of plenty of websites failing to attract the attention of their target audience.

If you are a designer, it’s important to understand why all the hard work you put into your website design hasn’t worked for you.

Here is a list of 25 reasons why your website’s design failed to garner audience attention:

1. You haven’t understood the project brief

25 reasons of bad website design

When you have a half-baked idea of what your client wants and what he doesn’t, you fail to do justice to your website design. Such websites fail to meet client expectations and do not meet the desired objectives. So, ensure you and your clients are on the same page in order to fructify their precise requirements through the website’s design.

* * *

2. You haven’t understood the user

25 reasons of bad website design

There are three major stakeholders in the design process – You, your client, and the website’s target user. If you don’t put yourself into the users’ shoes and are unable to deliver on their expectations, your website will fail. Website design must be client oriented and user defined to succeed. If you haven’t conducted user research, there is no way it can succeed.
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eCommerce Bootleg Continues: 50% OFF Promo at TemplateMonster

Not so long ago I published an article about 100% promo from TemplateMonster. And what I want to tell you: these guys are crazy. Definitely. Because once the previous giveaway finished, they almost immediately offer one more promo – this time it’s 50% promo. However, I’m not a psychiatrist and I can’t judge about the mental health. But I’m a blogger and I’m happy to share with web designers and web developers this valuable information: you have a real opportunity to get a high-quality eCommerce template for half-price. Indeed, it would be a sin, if I don’t write about this.

50% OFF eCommerce Promo at TemplateMonster
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Decrypting Flat Design – A Progressive Trend or a Passing Fad – Series 1

Flat Design – An Introduction

Flat Design or Flat UI, one of the most discussed web designing trends of 2013 has evoked mixed reactions and curiosity amongst web developers – to the extent of raising a debate ‘Is flat the new real’? Until now, web designers have been meticulously trying to create designs that looked and felt more real – or you can say designs with dimensions. So what exactly does flat design refer to?

Well, I’m sure everyone here into the world of web designing are aware of it. However, let me just briefly discuss the same for my amateur designer friends and all enthusiasts willing to explore more. Flat design, just as the name indicates can be defined by the flatness of its style. Here the basic idea is to create a design style that is two-dimensional – sans any additional elements (given to create depth or a 3D effect) such as shadows, bevels, textures and gradients, while maintaining to keep intact every functionality that a regular interface offers.

Flat vs. Skeuomorphic design: Is simplicity the new ‘cool’

As Flat design makes its way into the web design scenario as an emerging trend, skeuomorphic design enthusiasts are wondering if the new design trend will feed the user expectations of appreciating things closer to reality (the reason 3D art form came into existence) and maintain UX.

flat design

Fig: A graphic representation of Flat Design; (left) vs. Skeuomorphic design (right)

Besides managing to stay in the headlines, flat designs have even generated a loyal following of designers who have been tempted to implement this trend in some of their work with an intricate mix of simplicity, clarity, and honesty of materials in user interfaces. But isn’t that a tough job to create flat design and instill the ‘element of reality’ in them?

On the other hand, skeuomorphic designs is all about visual gimmicks where digital elements are designed to appear like something from the physical world, or in other words ‘real’. It is more about the use of visual details, shadows, textures and ornamentation to make something look like another.

However, with prominent entities (like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.) endorsing flat designs in their latest user interfaces, Flat design is increasingly creating its space in the web design world as the new ‘Cool’. Nonetheless, at the same time it is also a new challenge for the designers considering the finesse you need to put into your designs for defining the main actions and elements, in the absence of integrating ornamentations and effects.

The Significance of Flat Design

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Routine Becomes Miracle: Carl Warner’s Foodscapes and Otherscapes

Each human today is usually so immersed in the everyday routine, that he can hardly see further the nose (if speaking metaphorically). There are so many things we met all the time, that can become a miracle. The problem is we don’t pay much attention to them considering as just another part of everydayness.

For example, let’s take food. What do we have today? People are in hurry, people push pieces in their mouths while watching TV’s, talking with each other and sitting before their monitors. They can’t simply take some time and enjoy the food itself for a while. So, I’m not even talking about artistic perception of this inevitable part of human life. But there is another person, who doesn’t only talk, but also demonstrates. I mean Carl Warner and his wonderful foodscapes.

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10 Proven Tips for Web Design Success

Having a website is integral today. Websites are everywhere. However, most websites aren’t built in a way that is particularly eye-catching or well designed, making them distracting for a viewer and easy to click away from. This defeats the purpose of having a website in the first place, if no one is going to spend any time on it. Below are ten tips drawn from eye-tracking studies for building an appealing website that will encourage people to stick around for a while and visit it in the future.

* * *

F-Shaped Web Content Patterns

Everything has sped up thanks to the internet, including how people absorb and process content. According to a number of eye tracking studies, web users read horizontally along the top part of the page, then move down the page a bit to create a second horizontal movement and then finally in a vertical movement. This makes an “F” like-shape the majority of the time. So if your website is particularly text heavy, you may want to lay out your text in this fashion for easier reading for your visitors. Read more about this on

Web Design Success Tips
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