eCommerce Bootleg Continues: 50% OFF Promo at TemplateMonster

Not so long ago I published an article about 100% promo from TemplateMonster. And what I want to tell you: these guys are crazy. Definitely. Because once the previous giveaway finished, they almost immediately offer one more promo – this time it’s 50% promo. However, I’m not a psychiatrist and I can’t judge about the mental health. But I’m a blogger and I’m happy to share with web designers and web developers this valuable information: you have a real opportunity to get a high-quality eCommerce template for half-price. Indeed, it would be a sin, if I don’t write about this.

50% OFF eCommerce Promo at TemplateMonster
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Decrypting Flat Design – A Progressive Trend or a Passing Fad – Series 1

Flat Design – An Introduction

Flat Design or Flat UI, one of the most discussed web designing trends of 2013 has evoked mixed reactions and curiosity amongst web developers – to the extent of raising a debate ‘Is flat the new real’? Until now, web designers have been meticulously trying to create designs that looked and felt more real – or you can say designs with dimensions. So what exactly does flat design refer to?

Well, I’m sure everyone here into the world of web designing are aware of it. However, let me just briefly discuss the same for my amateur designer friends and all enthusiasts willing to explore more. Flat design, just as the name indicates can be defined by the flatness of its style. Here the basic idea is to create a design style that is two-dimensional – sans any additional elements (given to create depth or a 3D effect) such as shadows, bevels, textures and gradients, while maintaining to keep intact every functionality that a regular interface offers.

Flat vs. Skeuomorphic design: Is simplicity the new ‘cool’

As Flat design makes its way into the web design scenario as an emerging trend, skeuomorphic design enthusiasts are wondering if the new design trend will feed the user expectations of appreciating things closer to reality (the reason 3D art form came into existence) and maintain UX.

flat design

Fig: A graphic representation of Flat Design; (left) vs. Skeuomorphic design (right)

Besides managing to stay in the headlines, flat designs have even generated a loyal following of designers who have been tempted to implement this trend in some of their work with an intricate mix of simplicity, clarity, and honesty of materials in user interfaces. But isn’t that a tough job to create flat design and instill the ‘element of reality’ in them?

On the other hand, skeuomorphic designs is all about visual gimmicks where digital elements are designed to appear like something from the physical world, or in other words ‘real’. It is more about the use of visual details, shadows, textures and ornamentation to make something look like another.

However, with prominent entities (like Microsoft, Google, Apple, etc.) endorsing flat designs in their latest user interfaces, Flat design is increasingly creating its space in the web design world as the new ‘Cool’. Nonetheless, at the same time it is also a new challenge for the designers considering the finesse you need to put into your designs for defining the main actions and elements, in the absence of integrating ornamentations and effects.

The Significance of Flat Design

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Routine Becomes Miracle: Carl Warner’s Foodscapes and Otherscapes

Each human today is usually so immersed in the everyday routine, that he can hardly see further the nose (if speaking metaphorically). There are so many things we met all the time, that can become a miracle. The problem is we don’t pay much attention to them considering as just another part of everydayness.

For example, let’s take food. What do we have today? People are in hurry, people push pieces in their mouths while watching TV’s, talking with each other and sitting before their monitors. They can’t simply take some time and enjoy the food itself for a while. So, I’m not even talking about artistic perception of this inevitable part of human life. But there is another person, who doesn’t only talk, but also demonstrates. I mean Carl Warner and his wonderful foodscapes.

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10 Proven Tips for Web Design Success

Having a website is integral today. Websites are everywhere. However, most websites aren’t built in a way that is particularly eye-catching or well designed, making them distracting for a viewer and easy to click away from. This defeats the purpose of having a website in the first place, if no one is going to spend any time on it. Below are ten tips drawn from eye-tracking studies for building an appealing website that will encourage people to stick around for a while and visit it in the future.

* * *

F-Shaped Web Content Patterns

Everything has sped up thanks to the internet, including how people absorb and process content. According to a number of eye tracking studies, web users read horizontally along the top part of the page, then move down the page a bit to create a second horizontal movement and then finally in a vertical movement. This makes an “F” like-shape the majority of the time. So if your website is particularly text heavy, you may want to lay out your text in this fashion for easier reading for your visitors. Read more about this on

Web Design Success Tips
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Launch Your Online Business Easily: eCommerce Themes Giveaway at TemplateMonster

Appeared initially as a global way to exchange information, the internet gets more and more functional. For example, it gives a wonderful opportunity to make money online: doing business online is way easier and promising, than dealing with it in real life.

The first advantage is simplicity of launching. You just need the appropriate eCommerce platform+design. And then you are ready to start.

Let’s stop at this point.

I know that it’s hard to find a good theme, especially when you don’t have a source of never ending investing into your project (the price is taken into consideration). And often cheap product is not well designed, so you will need to develop a lot of things by yourself. But nothing to despair: I have a certain way out for you.

eCommerce Themes Giveaway TemplateMonster

TemplateMonster started an interesting giveaway. The prize is 100% promocode for an eCommerce template of your choice.

You know this company is holding in the web template market for more than 10 years. Due to their huge experience in web design, getting their eCommerce theme for free is really a valuable deal.

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Reveal Your Web Vision Immediately: 10 Actual Photoshop Website Design Tutorials

Every day we meet we meet the process of the internet evolution. It doesn’t matter if we just go to check our Facebook for couple minutes or surf for some info all day long: all such acts make us a inherent part of the web life. So, some users have an ability to see the changes on the virtual world, the others are blind. It’s just a matter of consciousness. And if the blindness is natural for average users, it’s not admissible for professional web designers, because their web consciousness is their bread.

However, even if you have some problems with your internet vision (I believe they are temporary), don’t worry. I’m here to help. For this purpose I absorbed the modern website design trends and put my energy for gathering of the most actual Photoshop website design tutorials.

* * *

Create a Minimalist Web Site Design in Photoshop

It’s a short step-by-step tut for creating a light minimalist theme.

Photoshop Website Design Tutorials

* * *

Flat Web Design Tutorial – Portfolio Landing Page

Flatness is now everywhere, and this post is not an exception. Besides, this tut is made in video format, so your learning will be more interactive.

Photoshop Website Design Tutorials
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Babylon Tower Sucks: Optically Camouflaged Tower Infinity

Everyone knows an old legend about the Babylon Tower. Ancient people wanted to reach God and were trying to build a tower up to Heaven. However, the attempt was unsuccessful. The legend explains that God became angry and ruined the Tower. But I wouldn’t be so sure about this hypothesis. Most probably, Babylonians just hadn’t technologies progressive enough to reach their aim.

Now the situation is pretty different. All around the world we can find a plenty of skyscrapers that serve as a symbol of human grandeur. And the most interesting thing here is that sometimes the trick is not only in the extra height.

There is a skyscraper called the Tower Infinity. It’s located in fast-paced Korea, Seoul. And what’s wrong with it? Actually nothing, but the tower’s designers from GDS Architects state the building is invisible. Surprised? Well, you’ll be more surprised if I tell you it’s true.

Optically Camouflaged


Nevertheless, I prefer term “optically camouflaged” instead of bright “invisible”, which is more suitable for marketing purposes, not the actual characteristic. So, let’s make clear what it means.
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GraphicStock: Reviewing Avalon of the High-Quality Visual Content

Humanity invented the internet, this never-ending source of information, but the truth of our nature is that there would never be enough. So, people are eager for more and more content, and this eagerness grows every day.

However, the other indisputable truth is that we are interested not only in the amount. We need high quality that will fulfill the requirements of our current projects: either simple and personal, or aimed for serious business. And, once we live within the borders of capitalism regularities, the quality is obviously measured by money. It’s an evident particular of the general web content evolution.

I want to help you with finding the content, so let me present GraphicStock website, I have found not so long ago. The first thing which stroked my eyes is the wide variety of choice. The visual content types are divided into 5 general categories:

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WordPress 3.6 – Six Useful Hacks that You Still Need

The wait is finally over and WordPress 3.6 has rolled out with all the latest features that boost the content management’s images as one most preferred by users. The new release which was being eagerly awaited by developers and users and WordPress has once again proved why it still remains the most user-friendly and scalable content management system in the world. Although it makes the life of the developers easier, there are still a few tweaks that can help you draw more mileage out of this CMS solution. So below we have listed some of the useful hacks that make your life easier as a user.

WordPress 3.6 - Useful Hacks

1. Multi Column Content

As a developer you are aware of the fact that splitting the content into two or more columns makes your website look attractive. This helps you showcase your creativity to the visitors of your page and at the same time makes the content easy to read. Comparison tables, lists, before and after images you can do a lot by splitting the content. WordPress 3.6 hasn’t quite addressed the issue and you can use the following hack in the functions.php file.

Once you have done this, you will need to tweak the single.php file. Comment on the_content by adding // before the line and using this code

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Never Have FOMO Again: 6 Awesome Social Media Apps

FOMO or “fear of missing out” is the fear that someone, somewhere may be doing something more interesting or exciting than you are. Millennials who’ve spent the majority of their lives connected to technology especially feel the effects of FOMO. Luckily, new apps are being created every day to make sure we’re always up to date and connected. Never miss a funny story, cool picture or group invite with these cool apps.


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