Dali Couldn’t Know: What’s Trending in Website Backgrounds

Writing about trends is ungrateful work. They change quickly and web developers need to seek for new ways of making internet more beautiful. However, we are developing web not only for us, but for all people of Earth connected. So, in this case the interests of mass user should be considered. Trends hurry to rescue in this case. Somehow instinctively we created this term to have a chance of harmonizing our creative potential with current requirements.

Talking about such important part of the backgrounds, you could notice that they experience an intensive evolution. Trends in background appear and disappear with an inevitable fastness. So, not to waste our time for ephemera, let’s check the features of modern website background trends, which have become stabilized and hold the position.

* * *

The background layouts on current top designs are fullscreen and high-resolution. It’s already became a characteristic feature of fashionable website look. The conclusion here is that a natural human tendency for visual specification is unlimited (the fact that camera development is concentrated on the quality of illustration just confirm this thesis).

Okay, you can say: you got the size should be big, but what’s about the content? What should we exactly put in the backgrounds? There are couple sources: real life and graphic.

* * *

Real life

Everything, we can take from the real life directly, fits this points.


Yes, in most cases we can watch simply photos of different things, which correspond the website theme: people, nature, furnishing and so on.

The precious thing about photos is that it’s quite simple to transform the primary material by adding effects.


website background trends


website background trends
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We Struggle for CSS and IE Harmony: Tool, Guides, Hacks

HATE. Some programmers feel exactly that, when they need to fix the bugs in compatibility with Internet Explorer. All the versions of this browser, produced by Microsoft, look like a cripple comparing with other modern browsers (of course, I heard the latest version is good, however for now it’s just a rumor, because there are not so many bravehearts ready to check this). Nevertheless, some internet users due to some unbeknownst reasons still use it.

So what do we have? An epoch of nice and steady Cascading Style Sheets. And Internet Explorer. Do you feel the contradiction? Maybe, not (hello, IE user). But in if you are a person who needs to work with code, you certainly have all the frustration about the solution of IE and CSS awaken.

Be calm, I’m here to help you with that. I was searching through the web for competent CSS hacks for IE, and everything I found useful in this case is represented below. So, you don’t need to waste your time trying to find the materials to fix you problem with IE – all of them are united in this post. Not at all!

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Trendy Flat. Free Single Page Theme for Business Site

The whole web is following flat trend. If you want to keep pace with it, apply this trend design to your works too! Need a spoon of inspiration or a good basis for such works? Then try the freebie that is simple, clean and flat – Free Single Page Theme for Business Site. This single-page layout will perfectly work for a variety of business projects or any other you would like to set up.

Less is more – this is the key principle of flat design that is clearly seen in this free template. Flat soft colors, simple typography that looks effective against the colored background, clean graphics with all that neat boxes and a contact form.

Among the theme features you may want to see are:

  • - single-page layout that offers seamless browsing through the content just scrolling up and down.
  • - HTML plus JS animation that enlivens that design.
  • - TM slider that was worked out by TemplateMonster developers.
  • - Google fonts.

Deep colors that are used in this design create a pleasant tone of the web presence. They are good for presenting business companies and communicating their serious ideas. This layout makes use of simple colors, without any gradients and shadows that make it completely flat.

The overall clean look of the theme is accomplished with neat typography that emphasizes the messages of certain parts of the content, making it attractive and focusing the viewers’ attention on them.

Wise division of the content blocks, the border line that separates pages help perceive the information easily. Back-to-top button facilitates the navigation. How will the visitors interact with the future site based on this template? Check out live demo of theme to see it.

demo | download

Free Single Page Theme for Business Site

Hamburger Menu a.k.a. Drawer Menu: Prominent Evolution of UI

You could notice that with popularity of Android some elements of its design spread to non-mobile interfaces. The most noticeable, I believe is Hamburger menu (also known as a drawer menu). Why Hamburger? This element of UI is a representative icon, which looks like Hamburger Menu (guess, you got it now). So, now you can see it reminds the layouts of a hamburger – upper bun, stuffing and lower bun.

Hamburger Menu

* * *

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15 Joomla Themes That Will Show the True Web Design Professionalism

Everyone understands that the most attractive themes can be made only by professionals, such people that devote a notable part of their life to web design. There’re a lot of them all over the world. So, whom should we pay attention to? I think, if web designers were able to organize a system of producing a plenty of templates, they are worth of attention. TemplateMonster represents such guys.

Taking into consideration a great offer from TemplateMonster, this post is dedicated to the best Joomla templates on available on their store. I gathered the most recent and the most attractive of them. Click the pics to view details. Enjoy.

* * *

Personal Page

Top 15 Joomla Themes

It’s an elegant template with trendy large picture background. One-page design makes the theme rather holistic. The navigation doesn’t overscore this concept, because new content is added below the main page, which is fixed.

* * *

Fashionable Photographer Portfolio

Top 15 Joomla Themes

I would characterize the style of this template as “dark minimalism”. Indeed, the author absorbed the decadence beauty with modern web design fashion and natural aesthetic taste.
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Top 20 Awesome Pinterest Boards with Photoshop Tutorials

Pinterest offers an online pin board where its members are able to share images that they like which can be shared by other members on their own Pinterest boards. The site offers an opportunity to those with the hobby in photography and for web and graphic designers to share and promote their artworks. If you want to improve your skills in photography and learn how to maximize the use of Photoshop, here are some Pinterest boards with Photoshop tutorials.

* * *

1. Improve Photography

This site has its own Pinterest board that allows you to get information about how to enhance your photography skills. Learn about the different tricks in the field of photography with the helpful articles n their site that are also updated on their Pinterest board.

Top Pinterest Boards with Photoshop Tutorials

* * *

2. Photo Doto

This Pinterest board offers you different tips and tricks on how to enhance your skills in managing lighting effects with different techniques to make a stunning photo.

Top Pinterest Boards with Photoshop Tutorials

* * *

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Half-Price for the Whole Pro Product: Joomla Week Promo

Joomla CMS is one of the most popular together with WordPress and Drupal. And it’s reasonably. Joomla offers a free open-source technical fundament with the helpful built-in features. In addition to that you can install a great variety of plugins to customize the work of the website for your own needs.

Joomla is undoubtedly a perfect choice for those who don’t want to bury themselves in the coding , but need a platform for realization of their ideas through the internet. This fact is supported by the easiness of taking the optimal look by the system of changing templates. And the collection of Joomla themes all over the internet is boundless.

So, how to find a high-quality product in this ocean? It’s obvious, a seeker must contact professionals in this case.

One of the most experience companies in designing Joomla templates is TemplateMonster (monstrous design energy, indeed). And you know what, they’re currently run Joomla Week Promo giving you an opportunity to get any Joomla template 50% OFF, till September 9, 2013.

Joomla Week Promo
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Interactive Charts – When Words are Feeble, Use the Power of Images

Information rules contemporary world. Our business tempo is so hasty that sometimes successful career depends on how quickly we can process huge volumes of information. Do you know a great way to present complicated extensive data in simple, easily memorable and digestible way? Of course we talk about interactive charts now. It’s a well know fact that a human mind percepts, handles and memorizes visual data much better than textual one. Charts are used to wrap up sophisticated info into concise visually appealing documents, which let the user catch its essence and the relationships between parts of the data it contains in an instant.

But let’s get a deeper view on the matter, we promise, it will be cognitive.

So, what are interactive charts?

Actually, a chart is a graphical representation of data, where the latter is rendered by means of symbols, like bars, lines, slices, etc. It can be created in the form of a brief sketch on a sheet of paper in a few seconds, just to convey your thought to the partner or with the help of specific computer charting application. Of course, the latter will look more impressive and eye candy, but both variants will serve the same purpose – to ease and speed up the understanding of your thoughts, concepts, ideas and statistics. As you realize, it’s impossible to draw an interactive chart on paper. Such graphs are created with the help of special software, which makes them extremely dynamic because each element responds viewer’s action. Needless to say, that the experience with an interactive chart is much more engaging as all those visual effects encourage the user to continue investigation.

What can be represented by interactive charts?

An interactive chart can represent a great variety of numeric or qualitative data in a highly organized manner. Such charts are also called diagrams or graphs. Some nautical and aeronautical maps are also called charts. The term chart is also used for domain specific constructs, music notations and album records popularity.

By the way, interactive charts are often used in infographics design. Actually, it won’t be a great mistake to say that infographics almost fully consist of charts, different types of them, most of which are interactive to raise users’ interest.

As you see, charts have really varied spheres of application. If should be mentioned that different types of charts are suitable for presenting certain kinds of information. For instance: percentage data is much easier to understand when presented in a horizontal bar chart. Numerical data that shows changing over a period of time is better to present in a line chart.

Interactive charts can have absolutely different forms; however, they all have something in common. First of all, the data in any chart is represented graphically, that is, with the help of images due to the specific human mind ability we’ve mentioned before. Of course, text is also used, but it doesn’t play the leading part here. It just accompanies and explains the pictures. For instance, each interactive chart (as well as the static one) has its title, which makes the viewer understand what it’s all about or what the data in the graph refers to. There are some more features similar to all charts, but we won’t bore you with extra unnecessary details and skip to the most sipid part of our article.

Types of interactive charts illustrated by lovely examples

Actually, there are dozens of chart types, but we will try to cover the most frequently used ones. Here they follow:


* * *

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10 jQuery Controls and Plugins to Base Your Website on

jQuery is a wonderful tool for those who need to build a website efficiently. This library for JavaScript gives an opportunity to use the finished plugins. This feature simplifies the process, so you don’t need to waste time for HTML scripting.

Being the most popular JS library, jQuery can offer a lot of helpful plugins. Some of them can be more actual or less actual. But anyway there is a certain set of the principal things for websites. Yes, I mean jQuery controls, aimed to govern elements and processes. I want to present 10 of them, which I suppose to be in general useful for every jQuery user.

* * *

Galleria Display

Bring to your site a comfortable and beautiful gallery with the help of this image gallery display plugin.

jQuery Controls

* * *


This plugin builds a nice calendar, where you can easily demonstrate the planned events.

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How to Build an App: 10 Tutorials for a Good Start

When it comes to force the power of your portable devices or PC, various applications come in handy. You can find a number of them while surfing all around the web and you can try to create the desired one yourself. It is not necessary to have some extra development skills to succeed in it. Of course, you have to know the basics, but you can always address to the well-done tutorials from professionals that will seamlessly guide you through the process and show it in details. After looking through the well-done tutorials you can easily bring the app idea into reality. So, today I’d like to share with you the compilation of such tutorials.

See How to Build an App Fast

How can the help you? They cover the basics of certain programs and provide you with the detailed explanations that show the work from A-Z. If you happen to start working on the application development, don’t forget to check out these tutorials first. They will give you better idea concerning the matter of you interest and provide you with useful tip on how to:

- build Facebook app;

- create mobile app;

- develop HTML5 app

Continue reading the post to find more on how to build an app.


Build a Simple Camera App Using UIImagePickerController

How many times have you looked through all camera apps in iTunes trying to find a perfect app? So, why not to create your own? Use this tutorial to get the job done.

How to Build an App Tutorials


Build a Facebook Open Graph App

The demo app on the Open Graph is in the focus of attention in this tutorial. See how to create it with Facebook JavaScript SDK and a single HTML page easily.

How to Build an App Tutorials
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