Map as the Functional Element in Website Designs

From ancient times people were using maps as the visual representation of an area, marking settlements, beatle places or geographical borders. With the development of human civilization maps became more functional and informative, getting new general standards. And now we have different types of maps, including paper, graphical and digital formats.

As for the web design, today map is not only the necessary part of contact form, but also the basis for many interesting websites. It can be used as the main background, interactive element or just original theme. Looking through our collection of the websites where the map is used as the main component, you will find out various designs with effective styles and color schemes. Probably this topic will give you inspiration to create your own website with the map design and make it unusual and informative. So take a look of the most clear-cut websites and check out these great designs!

Fantasy Cartography

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PixFX New Media

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Best Free Flyer Templates for Creative Designs

Today flyer is really popular form of advertising as it’s widely used in different spheres of our life. If you need to boost your products or just need to announce any event or party, flyer will help you to make your project well-known by people. Also you can use flyer as the advertising tool promoting your business, program or any activity. One of the main advantages of a flyer is that it is not expensive form of advertising, but still very productive. Also you can simply regulate format and quantity of flyers which make it really useful and flexible. Flyer is the specific message from you to other people so you just need a little inspiration to create eye-catching flyer design and make it really interesting and informative. The most important tip about flyer’s creation is not to overload it using many colors, different textures or elements. Flyer should be effective, good-looking and noticeable. If you need more inspiration and creativity we are sharing with you this great set of free flyer templates which you can widely used in your projects’ promotions. Enjoy!

Vacation Company Flyer

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Template Flyer Girl Dance

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Music Energies Flyer

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SEO Metrics to Look For When Buying Websites

Choosing the right SEO metrics for a specific website pretty much depends on the type of virtual platform (ecommerce or informative) a person intends to develop. Knowing exactly the SEO metrics that you need for a specific type of website is a very important issue especially because many website owners focus on a completely wrong set of metrics for their platforms. In order to make sure that you adopt the right SEO strategy for your website, you should always follow the latest SEO metric concepts, such as social shopping and LSI. The reason for this is that such strategies can help you to change your business in accordance with cutting-edge technological prospects that relate to specific market demands. In order to understand everything better, the current article presents the most important SEO metrics that one must take into account prior to buying a website.


Top SEO Metrics That You Should Pay Attention To

The most important thing that you should bear in mind while searching for a website for a particular activity that you wish to develop is that it should help you to promote your prospects as soon as you launch it. For this thing to happen, the website must come along with the right SEO metrics, such as:
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Sculptures by Edouard Martinet. Metal Art

The life-like works created by this talented former graphic designer who has become a sculptor amaze with their look. The fact is that they are created from various metal parts and other refused materials that the artist finds whatever he can. One more amazing fact is that these works are made without welding. You can spend hours looking at them, examining their parts and the finest details that look like a puzzle that was put together from the random pieces. It’s really a secret how Edouard Martinet crafts these astonishing pieces of art, but perhaps you’ll be the first to find it out after browsing our compilation of Sculptures by Edouard Martinet.

Sculptures by Edouard Martinet
Sculptures by Edouard Martinet
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Free Website Template for Business Project. jQuery Powered Slider

Great design and rich creativity are the main key features which form the basis for creating professional and effective designs. Following these principles, our experts combine different techniques and methods with the latest trends to create amazing themes and present you the top-grade templates like today’s Free Website Template for Business Project. jQuery Powered Slider.

Taking into consideration your business requirements and professional needs we introduce you this great template with fresh design and clean style. If you need to make your website effective and noticeable among others, use this freebie which will be perfect foundation for your web project. Catchy typography elements, proper jQuery slider and well-defined blocks below it make the header of the template really striking and good-looking. As for the content part, it’s subdivided into the smaller sections where you can place all necessary and important information about your business including recommended services, latest news, etc. Transparent style and cold color scheme create pleasant and elegant look of this top-notch template. To learn more about this theme, check out the free template live demo. So present your business in a favorable light with this clean-cut design!

Free Website Template for Business Project. jQuery Powered Slider:

If you would like to download this free website template with the PSD source files just visit the ‘Free Website Template for Business Project. jQuery Powered Slider’ download page at TemplateMonster and enter your email address to confirm that you need to get the whole free template package. By the way, if you’re already subscribed to our newsletter than don’t forget to uncheck as you may not be able to download the zip file. Feel free to use this template for your business, but you cannot resell it as a template.

Download Free Website Template for Business Project. jQuery Powered Slider with PSD files (17,3MB)

IMPORTANT NOTICE:TemplateMonster does not provide support services on free templates – including this one. We only provide support for the products that are being purchased from TemplateMonster. Our free templates are produced according to the latest web standards and we’ve been trying to make the process of working with them as easy as possible, so for people with minimum web development experience it should be easy to work with them. However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend you to refer to the tutorials or community forums on how to work with platforms that each respective template is made with, or to hire someone to do the job for you.

How to Give a Unique and Creative Touch to your Logo Designs Projects

As creation needs creativity, creation or designing of a logo also requires creativity. Therefore, it can be said that the logo designing is considered as the best example of someone’s creativity. A complete logo designing process takes a quality amount of knowledge related to both graphical representation and programming languages. Only the logo designers and the people related to this field know how much effort and hard work one has to put to create a logo and make it creative and unique.

It is not must for you to have a degree in graphic designing but you need to have a creative eye to become successful in the highly competitive career. There are a number of logo designing companies which appoint many experts who do not obtain any formal degree. But they are working quite successfully and clients are also quite satisfied with them.
A logo can only be considered as the successful one if it matches the following criteria:


  • The target customers should remember the logo without any effort.
  • The logo should be recognized very well even from a certain distance.
  • It should convey the message of the company for which it has been created.
  • The logo should be smart enough following the value of trademark.
  • The logo should contain the perfect blend of graphics and colors.

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Awesome Pinterest Tools for Social Media Addicts

Being the latest social media sensation Pinterest community continues to grow insanely fast. It is hard to believe that these guys have managed to build such a huge social network just in two years. Considering the growing popularity of Pinterest social network we’ve decided to collect some useful and interesting tools and add-ons that would make “pinning” more user-friendly. Below you’ll find our list of some great Pinterest applications that can potentially benefit you. Also don’t forget to share with us apps that we might have missed. Stay social, stay with DesignFloat!



This application offers you interesting way to explore fresh web content. SpinPicks pulls in content from various sites including Pinterest, Twitpic and Instagram. But you can always limit your SpinPicks only to Pinterest.

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Pinpuff is your personal analytic tool that calculates your account’s popularity on Pinterest and provides data for your every pin. Just fill your username or email connected with Pinterest account and receive detailed report.

* * *

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Light Installations by Lee Eunyeol. Mystic Nights

The wonder of the starry nights are perfectly brought into the works of the artist we are going to talk about it today’s post. Lee Eunyeol is the artist who creates the breathtaking light installations and settles them in the most unusual places. The landscapes gain the fairy-tale look after this artist works with them for some time. The tiny electric bulbs are able to change the trivial place into the romantic one, adding to them the magic of night. When you look at them, it seems that the night sky has fallen down and now gladdens our eyes with its beauty.



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Top 11 Web Development Vogues of 2012

We can suggest that 2012 is going to be a mixed year for wed development and web designing. The bad part of it is that this sector is constantly facing steep competition from numerous agents. Some of the prominent ones are the native apps that will continue to be greater threats for certain aspects of the open web. Next is the popularity of mobile net that will continue to cast greater clutch on the market share of desktop. Last is the much debatable pay wall structure, which is becoming a constant obstacle in the path of easy to access information. But the good part of it is that the master minds are putting in painstaking efforts to get through it and will certainly come up with newer and more effective ideas of web development in 2012. A few predications on web development that are supposed to be in vogue in 2012 are featured here.


1. Need for progressive enhancement

The growing popularity of pocket internet option on mobile and the rising importance of the WebKit enabled smartphones is a menace for the traditional web browsing experience on desktop. So, the best alternative to counter this competition is to opt for progressive enhancements, CSS3, HTML 5 and similar tenets.

2. Enhanced response in the interface design

Users find it most convenient when the apps response instantly with the click of a button. Therefore, the average user’s demands will be taken into account while creating the interface design. Speculations are that applications like JavaScript libraries such as JQuery and MooTools will be incorporated while designing the interface. These will make animations faster and easier and give users comfort while interacting over the web.

3. Flash will continue to exist

Although there were much assumptions and presumptions about the existence of Flash based sites in 2012, the remarks of some of the prominent web designers clear this conception. So, now we are certain that Flash and Flash based sites will remain in 2012. While some sites will definitely makes a shift to HTML5 and CSS3, Flash will remain the loved tool of the entertainment sites.

4. Extra browser-native features

The native supports will be a bonus over the Flash applications in 2012. The pressure on the native browser system will spur in order to support various HTML5 applications and plug-in features, such as adaptive streaming of multimedia, camera and mobile accessibility with HTML5 getUserMedia, etc.

5. Additional mobile theme applications

The masterminds of web development and designing could not overlook the immense popularity of the touch screen applications of the mobiles and the convenience they offer in web experience. This has increased the number of net users on phone. So, in 2012 attempt will be made to enhance web experience by incorporating mobile theme. While the main layout will comprise of all the dynamic contents, a slimmer version will also be simultaneously provided for the mobile users, which will be highly interactive.
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Win 1800 Custom Stickers from!

After a short break Design Float Blog announces another awesome giveaway from our good friends – Today you have a great chance to win 1800 custom stickers which will be powerful marketing tool for your business. Below you’ll find more details about giveaway. being a high-end commercial printing delivers products of “G7″ quality standard which is only granted to printing firms that meet a very strict set of best practices and production quality. 1800Postcards produces your print work in the same facilities, with the same press-men and production staff, and adheres to the same quality standards as high-end commercial jobs. In case if you are not interested stickers or stickers printing you might be interested in brochures, business cards, flyers, posters, banners, postcards and other products provided by this online printing company.


The Giveaway

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